Let’s talk about the shame we put on our bodies

When I was a kid things got really confusing when my body began to change. And suddenly you felt this shame for such a variety of things you never felt shame or question before. It wasn’t put on by my mother or my sister; but peers, so-called friends, magazines, ads. I took quizzes to not only to find my style but who I was-like answering what cake I like best would determine if I was outgoing or not.   Honestly, I couldn’t imagine growing up being 13 or 16 in this age of social media and the worst reality TV-like remember Real World and Pimp my ride those were classics?!  Recently I fell in love with Jameela Jamil because of a podcast video. She talks about how this culture needs to change – I suggest you watch the video!!!

It is all over magazines, build boards, and on social media but it isn’t models doing their job it is an everyday girl to celebrities who share their lives on S.M that young girls watch, view, like and look up to and a lot of what we are sharing, posting directly has an impact.  Those Slim tummy lollipops, teas that burn fat, and Teddie bear gummies to get the lush hair- whatever it is, its BULLSHIT! Those things that they are “adv” are this unhealthy, feel shame when you look at yourself mirror ideas and culture. Then there are sayings like “Summer body” and  “Couch Potato bod.” And that’s just bullshit too. So I am saying enough is enough! Here’s why…

I am a confident person but I have my weak spots.Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

People started to post about their stretch marks talking about how they have them, and they love them.  I never thought of them as something I should feel odd about. I enjoy running my fingers over them like a maze on my leg. Touching my stretch marks was something I enjoyed, but now I am wondering am I not suppose to? Suddenly I feel this guilt for eating a donut. I even get rid of pimps on my face in the picture, but why do I do it. It has been implanted on me that redness and pimps are something I should feel embarrassed and shame for. I should suck in my tummy that is bloated from natural causes. Why are we so obsessed with what we look like, what we eat? Why do we angle ourselves before we take a picture? We should stop this obsession and instead feel confident about who we are! And spread that confidence on social media.

I am old enough to know that photoshop went into that billboard and pictures. But young girls they are at the point in their lives they do not know. They look at celebrities, girls on Instagram and they take that in, they look and compare. It is toxic, and it needs to STOP!

Fuck the summer body and fuck the whole couch potato body

I love people and communities that are spreading confidence and knowledge, like  PT bloggers/vloggers. The ones I watch/follow are telling you how to be healthy, telling you to be who you are, eat what you like and to work out the shape of your own body.  I love body positivity bloggers, and I love that they talk about bodies and calling out the haters, not giving a shit because what they are doing is positive, empowering and putting out confidence and honesty. And we need to do more of that spreading and showing confidence, talking about how working out is healthy and helps mental health not to get that ‘summer body.’  To screw ads, companies and honestly people who are part of that culture that makes one feel guilty about who they are and what they look like. And those people and companies who are body shaming.  It is time to change societies expectations.

We should be more focus on our confidence of who we are instead of feeling shame for who we are and what shape we are.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetI think what I am getting at can be very blurry and can be miss understood so hopefully this clears it up. I don’t want to post a picture of me in a swimsuit because I don’t want creeps. Also, I don’t want to talk about my body because I  fear when doing so there is this two-sided shame of either I am not fit enough or you’re so fit- and I feel guilty, weird because suddenly I am a body. I want to show off confidence through every post without someone in my comments say “your abs!” because that is not what I am about or what it should be about. We are more than our boobs, are weight size, or are hips, etc. We are people, we are educated, and we are trying to be our best selves, so we need to eat that donut without feeling shame for it.

Love your body with no SHAME

We should be able to live our lives without someone commenting about our bodies

Topics and asking about things like how you got your body back after giving birth can have a negative impact and put this expectation out in the world and guilt on so many women and men. It is this evil circle of shame that we are supposed to look and be a certain way and if we don’t then shame on us! We feel shame for things we never felt shame for. Like me and my stretch marks.

We are all different, remember that. Remember the woman on the magazine covers it is part of their job to be this healthy image, look at PT’s their job is working out! Remember that your body takes in food differently than your friends. Remember you should not feel shame or guilt for what you do or how you look. You don’t need these slim fit tie around your waste stuff to get the ‘perfect curves’ because you are PERFECT! You were born the way you are, if you go into your doctor -medical doctor and they say you are healthy keep doing this or if they tell you to need to eat more donuts that is something you go and do. I agree that society, magazines, ads, T-shirts do need to change and represent more women from sizes to skin color, to hair, to sexuality and everything in between! And the only way to do that is if we start accepting ourselves and saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I have no desire to shame myself or feel guilty for eatting a donut. I have grown to love myself, every scar, every flaw, ever peice of thickness, my thumb legs that I have no need for comments or opinion negative or postive. I do not need it because I am more than a body and I am perfectly okay in my own skin.

Think you should watch Jameela video, also check out her campaign she is doing on Instagram, also an article to read in the Guardian.

And remember you are Perfectly Imperfect and you were born this way!