How I edit my Instagram Stories

I was getting a lot of DMS about my insta stories lately which was really lovely one girl even said: “how am I not getting a notice for this?” So I thought I write a blog post about the tools I use. But I do not want this blog post to be telling you how to do something or have you go and do exactly what I do.

Since this new era of social media, there has been a lack of individualness and creativity-everything looks the same and nothing is different. Some people might disagree that selling presets isn’t a bad thing-got to make money somehow right? I did a blog post about how I edit my photos an in-depth than most “how I edit my Instagram photos.”  I do not regret doing that post, I understand people want to know, and I made sure it was more in depth. For me how I learned about editing, what filters would give me that effect is googling and learning what tools they use. But after that I create, I play and that is what I do with my Instagram stories.

quote on how to be creative

How do I put together and edit my Instagram stories? A lot of the time I build up my content, I have always been a natural document with my every day and an iPhone just made it a lot easier not to waste film. I do not post right away, and I play!  The tools I use are listed below:

  • VSCO: I use this to edit my photos
  • 8mm: when I do film and want to give a little vintage feel this app will do it
  • Facetune 2: I only use it to do details, vibrate and white my hair
  • Spark Post: this is what I use to create my graphics for my blog post
  • Unfold: what I use to put everything together 

My suggestion is to use these tools to play and create. Like you did when you were a kid with your imagination, finding things in your moms garden and gluing it on cardboard. That is why I won’t show you, you won’t get a video or screenshots of my phone screen.

I do not want you to contracts your photos on the same number I do, I want you to CREATE what you want to CREATE. To take a filter, to take the tools above and do you, create you!

How I edit my instagram stories a city girl story

This blog post is very short, which if you are new here you know I do not do anything short. I do hope when you read my words, look at my pictures, when you view my story or whatever I created you are inspired to be creative and you!  Wear a dress when all your friends are wearing jeans, dare to sit when everyone is standing! And if you like to see my creativity in action check out my stories on Instagram at A City Girl Story.