Why I won’t go to any blogger events anymore

I’ve mentioned in a blog post before but I thought I do a whole blog post explaining why I won’t go to any blogger events. And before someone jumps on me let me just say this has been my experience and if you like going to blogger events great fantastic my opinion of not going shouldn’t matter then.  It doesn’t mean blogger events isn’t a bad thing. Keep reading…

I hadn’t gone to any blogger events when I started to really pick up blogging.  When I moved back to Minnesota I thought this would be a perfect way to meet people and grow as a blogger. I was wrong, none of that happened, partly because Minnesota isn’t the friendliest outgoing place but also I am not your “typical” blogger and I just wasn’t fitting in or welcomed for being different.

My first event was fun, people were mingling, even met a cool girl. We talked for ages about being a nanny abroad and giving her tips. I left with a few business cards from other bloggers in my pocket but that was it. Nothing happened after. I connected with them on insta and that seemed to be it. My next blogger event I was invited for a wine tour via email. And I emailed back saying I would love to but I had to work. There was no response back.

At these events were a lot of older women who are in a whole different spot in their lives compared to where I am.  I am not married. I have no kids.  I am not planning a wedding. I can’t comment on brunch or the Bachelor. I have no clue what wine people talk about because  I drink cider.  So its hard to find a common ground and even a harder ground when your blogging isn’t the same kind of topics as the women around you. However, I kept going figuring it was a great free way to connect but really no one was connecting, no one was willing to talk to anyone they did not already know.

This last event was at Can Can Wonderland. I brought my best friend because I didn’t want to go to the event on my own knowing that a few of the bloggers that were going to be there had previously played the blogger game with me online. You know unfollowed me and followed me over and over again. We walked in and everyone was in groups back towards you when you passed them, giving you this look like who are you. It was horrible, if my best friend didn’t come with me I would have left feeling completely down about myself!

My best friend described it as High School on steroids. Which pretty much summed it up.

I have always been the person who could put herself in a situation and thrive while still being herself but sometimes it can be hard when people just look at you funny when you are throwing popcorn and catching it in your mouth with your friend actually having a fun time.

Coming from my experience of connecting with girls online which so far has been a positive, welcoming experience. Going from that to girls who follow you then unfollow you. Ignoring you in real life like they know what they’re doing. Made me dislike bloggers. After that, I decided that  I will not go to events or associate myself with anything with the community here. Because why put yourself through the cattiness and unfriendliness that you don’t need in your life?!

I don’t.

Despite this experience, I have really enjoyed what blogging can do for someone. Blogging has made me connect with some great girls that I never would have connected with, I even made friends through blogging and girls who have read my blog and we got to chatting. AND that is GREAT. I only wrote this because maybe some other girl has had the same experience. And it’s nice to know that it’s not just you. I am sticking with having a blog but I am not considering myself as a “blogger” I do not want to be associated with something that isn’t defined as me, I am a writer. Also, a friend who I only hung out for the day but we are like secret best friends told me I should create a space for others who are like me. I want to do that I especially want to do that for writers who have voices and stories to tell; I’ve always wanted to create a more diverse community of girls not only in Minnesota and Ireland were we can meet online, have cider in our hands and chit chat about life, brainstorm ideas or if someone needs to get something off their chest. The problem is trying to get others involved-not everyone is as driven as me when they set there mind to something!

If you are interested in either getting your voice, art out there away from your blog or want to create an online what’s app or message group to have chit chats or weekly meetups via video chat or at a coffee shop we can be the Outsider group. DM me or check out contacts! Because the internet can be a lonely place despite having so much, and if we’re like me and haven’t had the nicest most supportive welcoming with blogging it is nice to have a group of gals who are super friendly, understanding, talkative, and supportive!

I just have to find the girls who write about periods.