College Check List: things and advise for College

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I went back to my undergrad college campus (Winona State) after three years and it was super weird. We passed the beach volleyball section and I told my friend I remember being a freshman and feeling so not “in college” and not “college like;” I felt weird, young, and small. But then I remember all the things I did, wish I did and didn’t do–the didn’t are never regrets they were lessons. And if you are going to college for the first time, or in your third year here’s a check list of things and reminders of what to do in college.


  • Get out of your bubble: expand yourself, this is the very first time where you don’t know anyone and you are living on your own-it’s exciting and scary. Just be willing to try and meet people, don’t be afraid. I think when I look back I was so stuck in my own worries and being “too hyper” and not wanting to be something that I wasn’t willing to just do things. It wasn’t until my 2nd year that I broke out of that.
  • Do things with your floor mates:  Definitely live on campus your first year, don’t think about moving out even if you can. I think the best thing about my first year was my floor. We would go to dinner together, we would sit in the hallway together, I would watch TV shows in my neighbours’ rooms. Sleep in the common room together one night. We would study together, we would go to class together or walk in the same direction especially if we saw each other waiting for the bus. Take advantage of living in a dorm!
  • Roommate:  This is my “advice”. I had two freshman roommates; the first one wanted me to change in her closet and the 2nd one stole my clothes. The check list is to really just get along with your roommate. You are put into a room with a total stranger and maybe for the first time in your life you may have to just be able to live with each other. If you can not get along, go to your RA; it’s what they’re there for.  Having a roommate will make you learn the importance of communication instead of being passive aggressive about issues.
  • Take notes, study, and find those reliable sources: I think the biggest thing about college is that you are coming out of a world you know, having parents telling you what to do and a familiar high school, to a ‘whole new world’ and part of that is  learning to be a college student. This might sound a bit weird but really spend time on your note taking, studying. My friend said she really grew and became more open from college, and that not only had to do with the experience of being around so many different things but also the education part. I learned so much in my classes. I never thought I’d learn about the relationship of “Spiderman, God, and Moby Dick.”IMG_6920
  • Go to a house party: I am not telling you to drink! I’m saying go to a crappy house, meet people, go into the party basement have the plumbing burst and be smart–Don’t be stupid! You really have to see things first hand to know, experience and learn that house parties aren’t glamorous at all.
  • Go to class: College isn’t only about the game and fun things you are also there to get an education. Skipping class, not doing the assignment is on you. The quote that stuck with me is “you’re paying for it not me”.  The best example I can give to you for not skipping class is my Energy class, he gave you the whole problem and how to answer them right there, leaving blanks and where to go and get that number to put there, and telling you what answer he wanted to have for an answer. . And there was a kid I met that never went to class, so he missed the homework. The professor said if you miss class you better come with a good excuse or have a good friend. That part I hated, but still how easy is that, go to class, you get the answers! Who would have thunk it!
  • Make friends with the “lunch lady”: I lived on west campus during my 1st and 2nd year and I knew all the staff people that worked in the cafeteria and I loved it! The lady who swiped the cards became my friend during our hour-long talks during breakfast. I went to her with tons of problems and stories; she pointed me in the right direction; she even got me a guys number. I got the best pancakes from the cook, and when the night cafe was open I got to sit with the guys and swipe cards. I even got free chicken tenders.
  • Join clubs: The one thing I wish I did more of was join more clubs or in Ireland they are called societies. I do think there wasn’t really much to pick from though. There were a lot of related to majors, and they felt clicky sometimes. I wish that the UCC societies had been at WSU; something like the Moltey  Magazine would have been SO COOL and a GREAT opportunity. There was a literary journal at WSU but it was a course and it wasn’t going to fit in my schedule.
  • Study abroad: Make time to study abroad. I think the best time I had in my four years was at UL (well top 5 & it is number 1). It is an opportunity to meet new people who will become lifelong friends.
  • Date: Definitely date in college. When I was in college Tinder and Snap Chat were popular and as a result dating was not the thing to do. People would just meet up and suddenly they were in a relationship. College might not be the place where you meet the “one”, but it might be. To find out, date!
  • Definitely do weird things in the library: I’m not talking about the Prince and Me moment, I’m talking about wearing a onesie into the library or maybe lay under the table. And it doesn’t have to be the library. One night my friend and I danced to a One Direction song all the way to the cafeteria. We had a night of “what Kole can fit in.”
  • Go to the games at least once: I am not a homecoming football fan, but I went once and I saw. I went to a lot of basketball games with friends that was fun!
  • Make connection with your professors: They are there to help you and near the end they can be a great resource to really help you even when you are out of college. Go to their office hours; they will tell you when they are on the syllabus, it’;-there is no excuse. Get to know your professors; like find out if they have a cat or a kid. I mean by the time you’re in your last year you might be drinking with them in a bar. WEIRD!
  • Don’t declare your major right away: After learning about how Ireland guides you into what major you should be doing I think we are really lucky that we are able to switch into a new major. I mean you may go to college thinking math but then you really like art. I didn’t declare my major until my 2nd year, I knew I wanted to do English but I wanted to figure it out. I do wish I took more graphic design classes or did more mass communication classes; but my school wasn’t a liberal arts college so the focus was a bit different.

College is the first real chapter when you are figuring yourself out so allow yourself to do it. Make friends, get out of your comfort zone, really get yourself involved, don’t be afraid, and definitely keep at your studies! I am not your mother but realize that college is the balance between having fun and getting an education, so do it!  This wasn’t supposed to be “tips” for college, but advice for things to do while in college and consider things that you may not have thought of doing. Like I didn’t join a club until my 2nd year of college, I mean I put my name down but it took a year to go.


I’m definitely going to a style school post closer to September, but I did share some Outfit ideas without going school shopping on FB page. If you want tips about college like studying, buying books, dealing with roommates, or making friends in your courses, like this post & if I get 6 likes I will know I should do it!


Bad Dates Part 3: what not to say to guys.

A List of things you should not say or do when dating a guy:


  1. Don’t tell him you punch a boy in the balls in third grade
  2. Don’t show him the crazy side of you
  3. Don’t talk about what you’ve done, where you’ve done it and how many times you’ve done it (referring to anything really)
  4. Don’t tell him you believe in Women’s Rights
  5. Or that you’re a feminist
  6. Don’t tell him anything about you.
  7. Don’t tell him that the most controversial thing you ever wrote about was on your period.
    • “Hey…what is the most controversial thing you’ve ever blogged about?”“Probably about when I talk about my price of female products and my period”No answer
  8. Don’t show or let it show that you’re actually having a panic attack, just politely say you have to go
  9. Don’t give him your snapchat (this is more for you not for him)
  10. Don’t tell him you hate American Football
  11. Don’t go on a road trip, or out to dinner, don’t spend every Saturday or Friday because they may think you’re heading for marriage.
  12. Don’t tell or go on a rant about your worries in life
  13. Don’t tell him about your struggles
  14. Don’t get mad at him or punch him in the arm he doesn’t want to know how strong you really are.
  15. Don’t tell him about the things that irritate you like plaid shirts, large trucks and hat wearing out because he probably has all three
  16. Don’t ruin his jokes or pick up lines. Don’t even try to be sarcastic back to him- he either won’t get it or take your series or worst offensive. Cause for god sake you can’t joke!
  17. Don’s say whatever is in your mind, keep it in your mind, because once you say it he’ll realize your mind is insane!
  18. Don’t tell him not every girl wants a relationship
  19. Don’t question him.
  20. And don’t get to know each other-what are you thinking?

Obviously you should be doing what ever the hell you want, this was a joke list. When you’re going on a date, dating a guy; be yourself, if he doesn’t like it, can’t handle it, or gets mad at you for your honesty then that is not your issue.

Travel shouldn’t be a Luxury.

Traveling should be raw, it should be hard, it should be a lot of waiting around, it should  losing your underwear in a hostel.

travelingluxuryWhen I hear that someone hasn’t even gone to Canada, I’m shocked, because traveling is something we can do. We can get to Canada just by a car. A lot of time it is about time and money. Which in all honesty you can make the time and you can save the money especially if you really want to go. Traveling is something you can do, but it is seen as a luxury and something that should be luxurious or at least look it. With Instagram sharing your holidays it needs to be #holidaygoals.  Traveling should be raw, it should be experiencing the culture, and after traveling you can’t wait to take a shower and sleep in your own bed.

It’s 100% NOT trying to get #holidaygoals

Public Transportation

I actually hate flying, if I don’t have to fly I won’t. And Flying has become almost over price, stressful and irritating.  Cheap flights mean you can’t have a check bag, small sets, not customer friendly. It’s become ridiculous. Having a check bag shouldn’t be a luxury it should be a right! But we do it because its the fastest way to get somewhere. But I say if I am not flying over an ocean I’ll take a road trip. I think the one thing that I miss is the ability to travel and feel relax . And maybe that’s why we need more public Transportation. wink wink 😉4a3c1-img_2710

I remember when I was in 6th grade and we went to England for the very first time.  We had family friends we were seeing while there and they lived outside of the city.  How we got there was we went by a train, maybe it was a subway since we did go undergrand but it wasn’t the tube. And I thought it was the coolest thing because how do we go somewhere we take a car. I was in love with how real riding public transportation was.

While I lived in Ireland and traveled around, not being 25 yet, the only way to get around was by public transportation. Never once did I feel unsafe, on the bus to Galway, or did I feel unsure about the trains in Italy or in Germany. Going the wrong way to get to Berlin and ended up who knows where with graffiti and guys using the shelter as their work out zone. Sitting at the train station in Bath because EVERYONE was doing it. While using public transpiration you got more out of it, reading a book, looking at the country side, seeing sheep!

Places to Stay

Stay in a hotel is cool; there is breakfast all the time, you feel important when you go to the front desk, usually they have a pool and you have a bed. But, now there is Airbnb, hostels, etc. Which can be fun and feel like a luxury. Reality check, if you don’t want to put out the cash you won’t get those “Instgramable places” (i hate myself) sometimes they  are going to be a bed in someones basement that they personally built the bathroom (I’ve seen a few especially when looking to travel state side) but you wont stay there! The best places I staid were the ones in someones extra bedroom in Bristol with the most friendliest woman who was taking me to the local pubs. It was the birds nest hostel with my best friend where I lost my underwear. It was the airport in Venice even though we hated ever minute of it. Those were the best places to stay because they were an experience, they were real. A story to tell, we learned something from it.


Don’t get me wrong I wont stay in the bed in the basement, I want something fun and homy. And to stay in a resort in Florida so fancy they bring you some pink drinks when sitting on a beach chair. It’s relaxing, you feel lucky, but its almost too comfort. Because even in the airports stay or the loud unfriendly hostel in Bristol they were the experience.


A year ago everyone was going to Thailand, it looked cool, but me being me I couldn’t go to Thailand because A. I didn’t know anything about Thailand. B everyone was going to Thailand. It honestly now feels like we choose the places for where everyone else is going.

Take the road less travled by

To travel is exciting because its an adventure, you get to go to these places that not a lot of people do go HOWEVER your going to the places people do go to. I see the same pictures of the same thing; or looks the same, taken the same way and its like I’ve seen it; do something different. Go to Thailand go to the moon part, go to the Leo movie spot, but also go do something that you haven’t seen, take the picture no one has. End up in the most random place. Hop on a bus and go somewhere–be smart of course.

Processed with Rookie

Traveling is everywhere its something we share, that’s not new.  But now, its almost too trendy, has to be on your tinder bio, and “how many places have you been”. And despite my tattoo on my arm WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TRAVELING-traveling tattoos. I wrote this post because I do wonder is it something you enjoy or is it a luxury for you (or something you pay to do).  Of course there are traveling holidays were its a relaxing holiday, now thats different. But traveling even for a relaxing holiday should not be trying to get #holidayhoals.

There’s nothing wrong with taking pictures, people always take pictures on holiday. Its not a new thing, but don’t you want those real wrote pictures, the ones were your tumb is in the corner? Remember traveling is doing something to experience outside the bubble of tourism and resorts. It should change who you are and how you see the world. Your experiencing different cultures, you’re seeing what they do and live; embrace that.  At the end of our adventure we should have so many smelling clothes, sand in our shoes, needing a shower, and memories. It should be raw, it should be hard, it should be a lot of waiting around, it should  losing your underwear in a hostel, it should be behind that photograph remembering what isn’t in the picture.





Trying to make it in the working world, the truth from a 20 something girl with a masters.

you hear it over and over again, we are snowflakes, lazy generation. And my response is you don’t know my life. So, if you really want to know what it’s like to be a millennium trying to make a life for herself in a society that makes you feel like you need to have that house, job, and so much by now read. 

Holding my completed thesis from University College Cork.

If you’re not following me on instagram, why aren’t you? I posted something middle of July of a long caption basically confessing how I am going through something personal and how I think about if I don’t share it am I even being real. And how sometimes not sharing is just fine. THIS BLOG POST is me telling what’s going on, it wasn’t going to be it was going to be how to get through difficult days, but how many list can you read. I decided that after having the 100th disappointment come my way after 9 months of chugging alone, feeling so discourage, losing my determination;  I should write this what if someone else out there is in the same boat. 

People keep telling me that it’ll work out in the end, something will come soon. And how lucky they have so a positive perspective, I am not an optimistic at all–I’ve been disappointed and crushed by high hopes for so long I will admit I am bitter. What drives me is my determination, my mind set for when I want something there is no stopping me. But after so many ‘strike outs’ I don’t have that determination, I have frustration and tears, and fears that for the rest of my life I’m not going to get pass working retail and will never have that life I left Ireland for. It’s like I’m back in my final year of college trying to pass English Syntax; getting those test back with D’s all over them while the guy next to me got an A, but saw he had something marked off and he’s ready to fight. OH I”M DONE! That is exactly how I feel every time when I don’t get that job.

I began to wonder what can I do. Is it because of my blog? Being so honest and real, people don’t like that, talking about being a women in this world, having a learning disability. I wonder how other ladies do it, how they are so successful, how they make it through so many no’s to their face. I really get discourage when I find out they’re younger then me, and I’m like did I miss my door? Never compare yourself. 

here’s a puppy to make life a little better

I read so many articles of millennium and the statistics of how we aren’t lazy but how we are a generation with the largest of jobless careers. (when I find that article I read I’ll link it here). What do you expect when they want for experience is 10 years and you’re like at 14, I was babysitting. Or what about how they combine writing with web page design. The pressure of societies expectations, from relatives faces, fact you knew how great your life was and now look at yourself. You can’t help but feel like a total fucking failure.  I’m not saying this cause I want pity I’m saying this to let ladies out there who are feeling like shit, disappointed, and looking them selves in the mirror with disappointment–that you’re not alone on the whole fucking suck scale. And you wish people will stop telling you it’ll work out because all you want is for it to JUST work out!

Because all you want is a life, for that apartment in the city, to afford the apartment in the city, to have benefits–don’t even get me started. To not feel like despite having a masters you’re worth it. To not feel like you wasted 4 years of a degree. They told you to go to college and that’s not even enough. SCREAM!

10 minutes and a work out later. I bounce back, with still struggles, still so many questions what else can I do, feel discourage for you don’t even know. The struggle is there are a lot of people out there-250 people applied for that position, the baby boomers are still working. And you’re kind of what can you bring to the table other than “yourself.” You really got to sell yourself, something I’m really trying to work on. I was asked “why me” the first time I answered:  “oh god what if the other person is nice,” that shows my character but guess you can’t show that your a caring person. Then the struggle in finding that actual job you want.  Honestly feel like this side of the world really does not put a lot of credit to creative jobs or people. For instance, I see other girls making content for a coffee shop or a pub in England. Here there is nothing like that. Trust me I looked, I even try doing freelance positions but again I feel like its the door thing & not much out there. It is worst than Ikea directions! 

quote.jpgThough, I don’t have any suggestions on what more can you do, what can you put on your CV or in cover letters, because I am still trying to figure that out. What I can tell you is so many times in school after failure, failing out of syntax and actually getting into my car ready to drop out of college, the fact I didn’t, those struggles were hard but I got through them. Look at all the stories I’ve said, the moments I shared.  I am not a patient and high hopes person, like I said, but I do know failure always wins. So I say take a break, try to take the pressure off yourself and wait to apply when you’re not feeling so discouraged but feeling confident. So many times when I bounce back still having tears in my eyes, looking at jobs kind of just makes it worst. I get it you want to have that career, you want to get out of this shit whole your feeling, you want to use what you not only went to school for, but love doing. And you just wish it would! My friend told me that there’s an Irish saying “whats for you won’t pass you” & so far a lot of the things/people that have pass me were never for me, it took awhile to realise that, so I believe in that saying.

WOW. that felt good to write. If you too are going through the same struggles and frustration let me know if this helped in anyway, or have any advise. That is why I wrote this not for pity I said it because someone else out there is probably sitting on her bedroom floor screaming into a pillow and wanting to give up just let her life be what it is.

Being a girl is expensive

Warning periods are being talked about. 


You walk into a shop and head to that section. There are rows and rows of different brands, types, and orders. There is this overwhelming feeling and also a little embarrassing feeling because people that pass you know you have your period. Feeling unease you get to the register trying to act like you are just doing a pick up of things with shampoo, razors, body washes, some foundation causes your skin isn’t perfect.  Everything goes through and then the guy who too is trying to ignore that item he just scanned, he’ll probably wash his hands after, tells you $60.95.

Shit just hit the fan.

To live a life without fear, rejection, and safety we need to buy a few things; yet the price is too much! It shouldn’t be this complicated, I just want something to take care of it. nothing too fancy, nothing to let me play soccer; because no kind of tampon is going to make it “feel” any better, do you even know where those things are going? It won’t be nice. But there’s more to just buying a box of tampons.

We take Advil, that cost money, we buy a heating pad that cost money. We go to the doctor and they give us this hormone pill that cost money and feeling  shame for it. We are supposed to get over it, or worst when I’m not PMSing I’m still PMSing.  Or how about the fact that we are girls we have our bodies and blood is coming out of a place that when your 13 your like “Holy crap I am dying!” is not even considered as the important issue or even on the shelf or something to be covered. But, your penis pumps are. (Oh yes I said it Penis PUMP).We go through so much when on our periods. Not only the pain and trying to take care of it. But the worry of can you see? Let me double check in this mirrors. And sitting, I don’t know about you but I hate sitting!

Having our periods is more than what it means to be a woman. Or that it’s the beauty of mother nature. Cause it really isn’t that beautiful in my eyes.

For me having my period was always this annoying, I have it I’m going to tell you thing. When I walk into a shop to go buy some tampons and pads I honestly wave it around like I don’t care. When living in the village where word gets around faster than you can spell MISSISSIPPI. The woman who I knew would ask me if I wanted a brown bag; I would say no. For A. I have no shame. B. it’s my period. When I was younger I had to leave school early, because of “female issues” it’s not an excuse it is valid. Because sitting in ASL listening to the teacher ramble on and on while I’m there wishing I was in a ball on the floor. Thankful, I was able to go to the doctor and get the hormone pill (little blue pill aka birth control) for this pain inside me. But some aren’t as lucky.

There is no metaphor, period.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Here we are dealing with our woman “issues” while others decided what we can and can not have for ourselves. Putting a price on our body and well-being is

the worst thing ever! Telling us that we aren’t covered yet this is our health, this is our well-being?!  Our bodies are dealing with a lot and not only does the pain hurt like hell, it’s one thing we treat like it doesn’t matter. When all we want is a safe, less pain and not going to break the bank, should be free from opinions and price tag for us to live our life with no worry of shame, BS, and our health. Being a girl shouldn’t be this expensive.




Self Tanning routine

I have never been one to go to tanning salons it wasn’t until I was living in Ireland and putting on tan before a night out that it became a thing.  I didn’t or will never do the tanning beds for all I can think of was my Professor telling a girl “you tan, well you’re going to be my built” Horrible but true. And spray tans just were a risk of orange.  And it was one of those things that I could do myself. I also enjoy doing it. Now that I’m back stateside with hot summers to lay out and be in a suit all day there is really no need to use self-tanner but I’ve been meaning to do this post for awhile so here it is.


Products I use:

Note: self tanner is expensive here its a luxery not a necessary

My top Tanner I love is the Rimmel Mouse in Mediam dark–not sold in America-its what I used a lot. Before I used Sally Hansen spray for legs; which only lasted for the night. Mouses last up to 7 days. When I got back to the states I wasn’t willing to spend 20 or more on self tanner–we know how I feel about spending money on products. So Target did have self-tanner in Sally HansenJergens. 11.99 is still a killer compared to the 9 euros you spend on tanner in Penny’s. The Jergens (picture below) is alright probably my least favourite mouse I’ve used.  I got “light” and its hard to know where the tan is going; so when it drys and time to wash off there are spots I’ve clearly missed. And it can go orange real fast which I haven’t experience ever before with mouses. My new favourite up there with Rimmel is Coco brown. NOT SOLD HERE! If you saw my instagram you would know the story about me and coco brown and why I’m so behind. But I bought it and I actually loved it. I don’t know if it beats Rimmel for me but its up there.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The reason why I like mouse better then a spray or a lotion is how easy it apply’s. You can (usually) see where you are applying it, it sinks into the skin nicely, it last 7 days, it easily builds.  And it does have extra that after it settles you have to wash it off–which sometimes I do forget. I have applied mouse tan on hours before I went out and didn’t wash it off–and I looked fine. Its only when I do it the night before and sleep is usually when I have to do it; but thats cause I’m a hot sleeper.

I do use a scrub from Soap and Glory along with their body butter. I like the scrub cause I feel like it does a really good job and makes my skin soft afterwords; hardly a mess. And the body butter OMG this stuff sinks in the skin and I wake up with the smoothest skin. I LOVE SOAP AND GLORY!


For putting on tan you really have to plan at least three days in advance. Because you really don’t want to shave the day of putting on tan; its not good it stings. Usually if I was going to go out…

  • Wednesday: shower like normal and shave
  • Thursday: touch ups on spots I’ve missed, use the Soap and Glory scrub and body butter after.
  • Friday: Wash, scrub no body butter. Apply tan after dry off And let it sit while I do my make up.




I recently learned that if you put lotion on spots that really don’t take tan well like under arm, knees, elbows hands; that really helps.

Usually I don’t reapply unless there is something important happening in middle of the week. But I usually let the 7 days go; and either the day before I’m going to shave I start to scrub the tan off. And then start the routine over again.

That is pretty much it. I actually love putting on tan and getting ready; it so relaxing, its fun. When you put that effort and time in you really putting time and effort in yourself! Which brings happiness and love. Like I said I used self tanner a lot more in Ireland and now in winter. But now that its summer state side and the sun in bowling hot like!  I rather have a natural tan and I really don’t feel like I get that when I put on self tanner.

Let me know if this was helpful or you would like more what I do like how I study, what’s my make up routine, etc. Comment below.


Top 6 Tips to be Summer Ready

memorial weekend is here; I haven’t had one in three summers and back in high school it  meant summer was almost here thus it was time to get “summer ready”. Here are some city girl tips on how to be summer ready…


If you been watching pop TV shows, reading magazines, or blogs you will be seeing a lot of summer ready themed things. For me I never got summer ready it just meant I could wear shorts and sit outside and drink a cider. Life felt a lot more exciting and thrilling with summer. And those phrases like “summer body” or “getting swim suit ready” never really clicked with me but for someone else they could have–and not so positive either. Add those phrases that society needs to delete. Some may joke about getting summer body ready or how they will eat a pizza no matter what–some might not actually be joking. We all want to feel good in ourselves and our skin and its not just a seasonal thing either. But since summer is here and we are going to the beach or cabin more here are some top 6 tips on getting for “summer read” the self positive way…

Top 6 Tips to be Summer Ready

  1. My number one is to do something that makes you  feel good in your skin; if thats working out or eating. I am not one for diets; yes I don’t eat meat anymore but thats for health reasons. I always tell people is if you don’t feel good do something about it.  That is what I did; I started to work out, I stop drinking soda. Summer we are a little bit more exposed and we don’t want to feel unease with ourselves thus to be able to wear that killer swim suit  we need to feel good while wearing that. #1 do something to make you feel good in your own skin!
  2. Get your hair done! Summer is the time where I go get my hair done. There is nothing like having someone do your hair! I do it three times a year at best. I go in do the whole thing and I just feel like a totally new person and feel good for my hair is looking good. A new hair cut or colour is the key to that summer girl you are wanting to become.
  3. Less make up. In this heat you are going to get sweaty and make up is just going to drain from your face. Plus, being in the sun really helps your skin and you don’t want a huge layer blocking that. Put on the SPF some litter make up and let your natural beauty shine. The feeling good will come with less make up!
  4. Spend more time outside. For 8 months of the year we are inside because its too cold so spend as much time outside as possible even if its sitting reading. Sitting outside enjoy the day, the wind, the sun will honestly make you feel good cause there is nothing like fresh air!
  5. Socialize! Weekends are not only time to go and do something; you can easily do something during the week as well. It doesn’t even have to be drinking; thus one is fine. Being around people honestly brings the summer together and also really gets you motivated and confident. Good Energy!
  6. Take care of yourself! Spending a lot of time in the sun and outside can really tire a person out and  sure the tan not only looks good but makes you feel good it can also dry you out. Drink water, eat a lot of fruit, and take cold showers. Because even though its summer and there is something about summer sun, the ability to be outside, beer gardens you suddenly are in this summer bubble of happiness you still need to take care of yourself.

There is something definitely about summer that brings you to cloud 9 but what I learned is that its not only just a summer thing you can bring that cloud 9 year round by taking care of yourself and doing what makes you feel good.  The summer ready is so not about what we see on tV or in magazines or even on instagram; its in ourselves. I don’t want to feel gross, I want to feel good when I put on the jeans and I want to take care of myself. Enjoy this summer, get yourself ready and get yourself going for summer ready is just the start of a year of motivation, feeling good, looking good, glowing happiness for yourself! Brining that Summer Ready every month of the year.


Summer is a good start of a rock happy self  year round!