Self Tanning routine

I have never been one to go to tanning salons it wasn’t until I was living in Ireland and putting on tan before a night out that it became a thing.  I didn’t or will never do the tanning beds for all I can think of was my Professor telling a girl “you tan, well you’re going to be my built” Horrible but true. And spray tans just were a risk of orange.  And it was one of those things that I could do myself. I also enjoy doing it. Now that I’m back stateside with hot summers to lay out and be in a suit all day there is really no need to use self-tanner but I’ve been meaning to do this post for awhile so here it is.


Products I use:

Note: self tanner is expensive here its a luxery not a necessary

My top Tanner I love is the Rimmel Mouse in Mediam dark–not sold in America-its what I used a lot. Before I used Sally Hansen spray for legs; which only lasted for the night. Mouses last up to 7 days. When I got back to the states I wasn’t willing to spend 20 or more on self tanner–we know how I feel about spending money on products. So Target did have self-tanner in Sally HansenJergens. 11.99 is still a killer compared to the 9 euros you spend on tanner in Penny’s. The Jergens (picture below) is alright probably my least favourite mouse I’ve used.  I got “light” and its hard to know where the tan is going; so when it drys and time to wash off there are spots I’ve clearly missed. And it can go orange real fast which I haven’t experience ever before with mouses. My new favourite up there with Rimmel is Coco brown. NOT SOLD HERE! If you saw my instagram you would know the story about me and coco brown and why I’m so behind. But I bought it and I actually loved it. I don’t know if it beats Rimmel for me but its up there.

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The reason why I like mouse better then a spray or a lotion is how easy it apply’s. You can (usually) see where you are applying it, it sinks into the skin nicely, it last 7 days, it easily builds.  And it does have extra that after it settles you have to wash it off–which sometimes I do forget. I have applied mouse tan on hours before I went out and didn’t wash it off–and I looked fine. Its only when I do it the night before and sleep is usually when I have to do it; but thats cause I’m a hot sleeper.

I do use a scrub from Soap and Glory along with their body butter. I like the scrub cause I feel like it does a really good job and makes my skin soft afterwords; hardly a mess. And the body butter OMG this stuff sinks in the skin and I wake up with the smoothest skin. I LOVE SOAP AND GLORY!


For putting on tan you really have to plan at least three days in advance. Because you really don’t want to shave the day of putting on tan; its not good it stings. Usually if I was going to go out…

  • Wednesday: shower like normal and shave
  • Thursday: touch ups on spots I’ve missed, use the Soap and Glory scrub and body butter after.
  • Friday: Wash, scrub no body butter. Apply tan after dry off And let it sit while I do my make up.




I recently learned that if you put lotion on spots that really don’t take tan well like under arm, knees, elbows hands; that really helps.

Usually I don’t reapply unless there is something important happening in middle of the week. But I usually let the 7 days go; and either the day before I’m going to shave I start to scrub the tan off. And then start the routine over again.

That is pretty much it. I actually love putting on tan and getting ready; it so relaxing, its fun. When you put that effort and time in you really putting time and effort in yourself! Which brings happiness and love. Like I said I used self tanner a lot more in Ireland and now in winter. But now that its summer state side and the sun in bowling hot like!  I rather have a natural tan and I really don’t feel like I get that when I put on self tanner.

Let me know if this was helpful or you would like more what I do like how I study, what’s my make up routine, etc. Comment below.


Top 6 Tips to be Summer Ready

memorial weekend is here; I haven’t had one in three summers and back in high school it  meant summer was almost here thus it was time to get “summer ready”. Here are some city girl tips on how to be summer ready…


If you been watching pop TV shows, reading magazines, or blogs you will be seeing a lot of summer ready themed things. For me I never got summer ready it just meant I could wear shorts and sit outside and drink a cider. Life felt a lot more exciting and thrilling with summer. And those phrases like “summer body” or “getting swim suit ready” never really clicked with me but for someone else they could have–and not so positive either. Add those phrases that society needs to delete. Some may joke about getting summer body ready or how they will eat a pizza no matter what–some might not actually be joking. We all want to feel good in ourselves and our skin and its not just a seasonal thing either. But since summer is here and we are going to the beach or cabin more here are some top 6 tips on getting for “summer read” the self positive way…

Top 6 Tips to be Summer Ready

  1. My number one is to do something that makes you  feel good in your skin; if thats working out or eating. I am not one for diets; yes I don’t eat meat anymore but thats for health reasons. I always tell people is if you don’t feel good do something about it.  That is what I did; I started to work out, I stop drinking soda. Summer we are a little bit more exposed and we don’t want to feel unease with ourselves thus to be able to wear that killer swim suit  we need to feel good while wearing that. #1 do something to make you feel good in your own skin!
  2. Get your hair done! Summer is the time where I go get my hair done. There is nothing like having someone do your hair! I do it three times a year at best. I go in do the whole thing and I just feel like a totally new person and feel good for my hair is looking good. A new hair cut or colour is the key to that summer girl you are wanting to become.
  3. Less make up. In this heat you are going to get sweaty and make up is just going to drain from your face. Plus, being in the sun really helps your skin and you don’t want a huge layer blocking that. Put on the SPF some litter make up and let your natural beauty shine. The feeling good will come with less make up!
  4. Spend more time outside. For 8 months of the year we are inside because its too cold so spend as much time outside as possible even if its sitting reading. Sitting outside enjoy the day, the wind, the sun will honestly make you feel good cause there is nothing like fresh air!
  5. Socialize! Weekends are not only time to go and do something; you can easily do something during the week as well. It doesn’t even have to be drinking; thus one is fine. Being around people honestly brings the summer together and also really gets you motivated and confident. Good Energy!
  6. Take care of yourself! Spending a lot of time in the sun and outside can really tire a person out and  sure the tan not only looks good but makes you feel good it can also dry you out. Drink water, eat a lot of fruit, and take cold showers. Because even though its summer and there is something about summer sun, the ability to be outside, beer gardens you suddenly are in this summer bubble of happiness you still need to take care of yourself.

There is something definitely about summer that brings you to cloud 9 but what I learned is that its not only just a summer thing you can bring that cloud 9 year round by taking care of yourself and doing what makes you feel good.  The summer ready is so not about what we see on tV or in magazines or even on instagram; its in ourselves. I don’t want to feel gross, I want to feel good when I put on the jeans and I want to take care of myself. Enjoy this summer, get yourself ready and get yourself going for summer ready is just the start of a year of motivation, feeling good, looking good, glowing happiness for yourself! Brining that Summer Ready every month of the year.


Summer is a good start of a rock happy self  year round!


How to deal with stress and the unknown

I’m someone who loves to know things–and I usually can figure it out — I am also someone who gets stress very easily. And well not knowing the future and me being the Peter Pan child I am–I’m going to talk about how to deal with those moments of the future.

How to Deal with Stress 

and the Unknown

If you read my post about being back you know that my “future” is very up in the air, stressful, full of anxiety and fears that I am going to live in that box my professor was talking about when we were becoming English majors. And there is a lot more to my future that makes me worry but bottom like it can be super scary, growing up and not having a clue. So I’ve been there, I’m going through it if you are too– here is what I do to relax and know that everything will be okay.

  1. Try not to think or plan too far a head. I hate the question what are you going to do after? Like I haven’t even gone to grad school yet and your already asking me what I am doing to do after grad school? (that happen). The key is really don’t have an answer to that 5 year plan. You should have your week, due dates written, important appointments booked but take one day at a time.
  2. Do something about it. I am someone who will be so worry about something and only way to ease the worry or stress is to do something about it. Like if I am stressing over the test, then I should study. If worry about getting a job; start applying to jobs. Pretty simple, unless your anxiety comes in just work at it, breath, take your time, there is no rush–see back to #1. d963af99fee99dc5720036ca240b377f
  3. TALK get advise, let it out. I find it comforting to talk to people, like friends, my mom. And just say whats on my mind to get advise. Even if its like “everything will work out” I am like “I’m just really inpatient.” Hearing others telling you advise, even if its something you roll your eyes at, or hear all the time. Hearing it from someone else eases your mind a little less–also talking it out to someone to be understanding is the BEST. And I have some really kick ass friends who listen to be bitch–so I appreciate them dearly638e34feeb88c5c693df36648d702d44
  4. Don’t compare yourself. It is easy to look at someone who’s similar to your situation like right out of college, same major, trying to make it in this adult world–yet they seem to be getting somewhere were your still struggling. You can’t compare yourself; because you are on your path–jealousy runs deep and it won’t help you at all. So remember what they do isn’t what you do–and maybe thats the push you need to get yourself going?
  5. Organize and Plan. The one way to ease your stress is to organize yourself and plan. Cause when stress its the littlest things that bother you. I feel so at easy because I organize my room. And I feel set with my plan for the day to get to my goals. Long or short.
  6. Remember you’re young. You don’t have to have life figured out, or that white picket fence. Or even have a job. You don’t have to be traveling the world either. You shouldn’t be stressing so much about things that haven’t happen–go back to #1. Do what you please, go after what you want, and don’t stress (to your best of ability).
image1 (2)
“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together” _Elizabeth Taylor

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Bad Dates and Self Love

Let me tell you about dating…

Bad dates
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There are no cute meets in coffee shops and no guy is going to give you his leather jacket to ask you to go steady. No guy is going to ask for your number; instead, he’s going to ask you for your snap chat handle. Dating game has changed now that there are dating apps making it easier to meet someone, to put your face out there for strangers to swipe on, and no place to run. Also the whole one night stand, booty call seems to be more what people want then meeting someone to form some kind of connection with. That’s all anyone wants is to love and be love, to have someone to go on adventures with? Or do you just want someone to meet up and get it done.

I found myself on tinder and bumble; I will have to say I hate them both. I would be swiping left through Tinder so many times for the guy was holding a fish. My friends keep telling me to not be so stubborn; “what’s the harm in going out on a date with the guy?” Let me tell you the harm is having a guy come at you with all lips, forcing them on you like a horror movie. I went on a binge of dating for a while and a number of bad dates I had made me realize exactly what I didn’t want and also the meaning of self-love.

I went on a date with a guy who told me I talk like a 16-year-old. Another guy kept making fun of me, calling it a joke, and constantly touching my back. He kept doing it after I told him I didn’t like being touched. I had a guy end up getting drunk and wanting to go clubbing. And then there was the guy who kept pushing back the hour of time we were meeting up. I wouldn’t think I would be the girl to hide in the bathroom to ring her roommate to call her in 5 minutes to get me out of here, but I was.

And it might not even be a date. How many times did I end up being out and the guy I matched on Tinder wanted to meet up? Here’s my tip, don’t even bother! The guy will turn out to be a real D-horrible, so get your free drink and run.

If first dates weren’t the ‘strike out’ that you needed the second one should be. And ask me how I could even go on a second date, the answer is I’m Minnesota Nice. I went on a first date with a guy who just made everything awkward. He wouldn’t talk. And I didn’t get those butterfly feelings but when he asked me on a second date I said yes. You know that feeling when you just can’t tell someone ‘no’ because you’re afraid of hurting their feelings.

Being on these dating apps, I wonder where conversations have gone–maybe to the smiling poo emoji.  While here I was trying to have a really conversation and the guy sends me sentence of emoji’s like it was Morse code. I had a guy on Tinder talk about how I looked “bang-able.” I don’t even know how to respond!?!  One of the guys, I was ‘talking to’ would every hour tell me what he did then ask me what I was doing, I would tell him. Then hour go by and again. My fingers were angry texting as I told typed him exactly what I said to him earlier. There is risk of creeps out there, you always have to be safe. Which I am, the handsy guy followed me out of the bar with his drink, the bouncers stopped him, while I looked at them giving them “i’m running away from this dude’ waved me off keeping him there. I also have had passive aggressive guys, who have told me they would do anything to be with me.  I run away so fast  from these guys that once they realize, I’m in Jamaica.

Through these  bad dates or bad meetups I learned: to never go on Tinder again, never wait 20 minutes for the guy to show up, and I learned exactly what I don’t want. I don’t want a guy who is going to talk down to me. I don’t want a guy who thinks its alright to wear socks with Nike Flip Flops. And through those I don’t wants I found myself realizing who I was, how I should be treated and what I was worth.  Because no self want of a attention of a guy to be in my life was worth giving up for some passive aggressive, all lips, fish holding, treats you like a joke and their idea of a comment it to say how you look bang able.

We spend so much time searching for the guy, the one, someone to converse with, someone to have late night talks, and any pinterest quote says it all. But maybe it’s not what we need from guys it’s what we need to do for ourselves. Because we might end up meeting a guy who is interesting, can keep up and your attention and is willing to try. These bad dates have taught me that I’m not stubborn I just know what I want. And there is nothing wrong in knowing what you deserve; it is what we call self-love.




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My must have Make Up Products

A list of my must have make up products.


Foundation: My all time go to, daily foundation is Rimmel Match Perfect (blue top), I just love it. After I got NARs sheer glow I felt like they were the same thing; just the price difference. I like how it can be good coverage and also buildable if you are having an off day. I like the texture and how I don’t feel like I’m wearing foundation when its on.

Concealer: Collections! No question about it. It really needs to come to America like how its not here yet after being named the number one concealer baffles me.

Bronzer: I’m not really picky about my bronzer I’ve used the Rimmel bronzer a lot when I would have tan on and it worked well. Also NYC bronzer with the little hexagon of different bronze colours and white in them was my favourite in high school. Think that one is pretty good when you have no tan. My none pickyness hasn’t made me try anything else.

Blush: I have never been so picky about blush, I usually go for a pink one. I think about going with some crazy blush colour but I will have to say Nars Orgasm. And there are a lot of dupes out there so no worry of paying the price!

Highlighter: My favourite highlighter is of course not sold in America. Its in the Sleek face Form palette; my first “contouring” palette. When I put on this highlighter I felt like some Goddess. This is like a peachy shimmery perfect intensity (illuminating next level) highlighter. I have not yet found one that I love and makes my checks become Goddess and fits my skin colour with tan or not.

Contouring: I have a cheap and checky way to contouring that is probably back shit wrong, but I will share that soon or later. But for contouring I will have to say the Anastasia beverly hills. It is pretty dame good! Given contouring is something I do only on special occasions its worth the money.

Eyeshadow: I’m not much for eyeshadow cause I give myself a black eye. But I have two colours I like to go to and there like between purple and orange. I am a clown like.  There is this one colour in the blushed nudes from Maybelline that is 5th one from the top. Why no name? It’s like this matte really light violet colour that is a bit earthy tone. I hit pan on that one! The Inglot 407 is this nice shimmery orange. I like colours that are perfect for blue eyes. I play around a lot with earth tone to purple tones to more orange base eyeshadows.

MascaraMaybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I love that there is two sides to the brush for top and bottom, it really lengths my lashes and makes my eyes look wider. I love the They’re Real TRAVEL from Benefit too; love how the end of the brush you can use for more detail. This one I fell in love with, my eyeslashes were to next level! The normal size is WAY different, trust me.

Eyebrows: Benefit no question about it! I love the pencils and the highlighter brow. I’ve gone through a lot of eyebrow stuff and Benefit has been the one that has been most successful. I do use Naked basic palette, the brown, for a powder shadow when I want a quite eyebrow. Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow is a favourite of mine as well, again special occasions.

EXTRA: Lipstick would have to be Revlon Primerose–which is now disappeared once again. And to say I am upset is an understatement. Sleek liquid lipstick in birthday suit. Not sold in America, of course. Self-Tanner would have to be Rimmel Mouse Tanner, I used that A LOT in Ireland it is easy, simple, and last a very long time. I apply it right before I do my make up and its dry ready for a night out. And not sold in America.


Those are my must have make up products. IF you can see I’m screwed cause a lot of my favourites are NOT sold in America.  I’ve looked and just couldn’t find that so perfect sleek highlighter, or the best birthday suit liquid lipstick or great price PLUS BEST product concealer.  If anyone knows any affordable-ish make up products that are sold state side let me know in the comments! Because having to spend bank on products–I just can’t especially if I’m going to use it everyday like concealer.


What its like having a learning disability as an adult.

What it’s like to have a learning disability as an adult going into the real world. 

ld post
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If you want to know about what its like having a learning disability I talked about it in a blog post here.  In this post I am going to talk about the struggles you face as an adult going into the working world with a learning disability. Because here I am with my difficulties I am writing a blog, got my masters in creative writing and trying to go into a career that has writing into it.

Being able to do that despite my difficulties really shows my character but I also hope it will shows others with or without a learning disability that even having these difficulties doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. You just work differently. You have other strengths and have extreme worth ethic.  A lot of time when working or when asked to do a job; we question ourselves if we can do it? We know what are challenges are, we worry about failing, but we say yes anyways. Because we learned to not only accept it but we know despite it we can do anything. However, there are times where we face it and we feel it all.

Once again at you and your sitting there trying your hardest to overcome it, to fight it, to succeed but its not enough.


Those times come a lot when you get something back and it says “your spelling and grammar” or sometimes it can feel like everyone is telling you should know this when really you can’t–I have had MANY people tell me well your an English major you should know how to spell. And just cause it is called a learning disability it effects you outside of school too. Which makes it harder because now your face with new challenges all on your own-there is no IEP, no teacher, no resources. Just you.

You are struggling to write that e-mail. You’re faced with having someone spell their name but you keep hearing similar sounds. Your reading the requirements of a position and all you see is your difficulties.  You just want to tell people “Hey I have —” but not make it sound like an excuse but for them to understand you work differently.

As someone who writes and wants to go in a career that has writing in it and my grammar is not that great. It’s hard, because does that mean I don’t get the job. And this has always been my challenge that I not only had to work twice as hard but it’s something I have to fight towards others and show even though I can’t spell worth shit I have endless ideas because of my ADHD.

People with learning disabilities have had these challenges their whole life and fighting gets tiring a lot of the time because all we want is that career. And I think the most hard part is that having a learning disability isn’t visible. There is no red arrow above pointing at you. We are look like everyone else but our brains are different–so when we are faced with our challenges others  may see “are they stupid”. Sometimes


Remember this: you have other skills that make you a strong key person to have for the job.

This has been ‘real’ for me my whole life. I have accepted my learning disability but here I am wanting  career that deals with writing maybe even visual communications despite my learning disability. Because I want it–and that drive will get me places. And the question I want to now ask everyone else is can you accept it? Can you accept someone with a learning disability? Can you not question them for writing the wrong their? Can you see how hard they work to succeed? Can you see their flaws are not flaws at all? Because someone with a learning disability needs the outside world to see how despite their challenges they can do the job. Maybe even harder then someone who hasn’t dealt with a learning disability all their life?

Note: Having a learning disability has other aspects including emotionally and mentally which I would love to talk more but I felt the focus of this was more on having ADHD & APD in the working/adult world.

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P.S if something is spelled wrong on here, I decided not to do the extra mile to emphasis more on how my learning disabilities effect and challenge me. It’s a metaphor. 

Happy St Patrick’s day: A list of what you should know about Ireland from my Irish friends

I am not Irish at all, I would tell people.

IMG_8530In recent research of my dad looking into my grandpa’s family background, we apparently have roots. I have like a grain size of Irish in me–yeah I’m still not Irish. Before moving I didn’t know much about Ireland except there were no snakes. I wasn’t even sure if they would have my shampoo. I soon realize how silly I was.

As I lived over there I found myself learning more about Ireland and the culture by being able to live with an Irish family, making friends with Irish and hanging and participating in what I referred to as “do what the Irish do”. So I could tell you exactly what you should know about Ireland but I thought it would be a better than my perspective and ask my Irish friends what people specifically America’s should know about Ireland. And today being St. Patrick’s day- where according to my dad everyone is Irish here’s a list of things to learn and know about Ireland.

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Leprechauns are NOT real
Don’t just go to Dublin- there is more outside of Dublin
Need to go to the countryside
The idea in people’s head isn’t real
Social Drinkers
St Paddy’s day NOT Patty–St. Patricks or Paddies day
more graves than births
we are great craic
very friendly
GAA is a big thing here-Gaelic athletic association of Ireland
Hurling is number one sport they have county teams that don’t get paid but are like professional players.
Some schools play Field Hockey
Gaelic is Irish there is no Irish and Gaelic.Because you have Scottish and Welsh Gaelic too!
They have to learn Gaelic in school
Primary school is elementary school
We say “like” a lot, especially at the end.
Breeding Horses

Laid Back

MMA  grew in popularity cause of Conor McGregor
We love just having a good time.
Everything is in Gaelic and in English for example road signs, signs for the bathroom etc. So when coming to Ireland expect to see Gaelic.
Name’s–how many times names are miss pronounce. Here are some examples of names and how to say them: Caoimhe (“Qwee-va”) Sinéad(shin + aid”), Aisling (ASH-ling)–my firends name and I just call her Ash cause I get it wrong, Aoife(EE – f ah), Seán(sh-aw-n ), Eoin/Eoghan(Oh-un), Saoirse (seer-sha)


I did write once a St. Patrick post but that is now deleted. My experience with Paddies day has always been filled with memories and drink. And I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick’s day. If you are in Ireland for the day, go to a local pub and sit in there for hours (best experience I ever had). It’s my first year in a long time not in Ireland for today and I know its going to be very different. I hope you liked today’s blog post I really wanted to write this especially from my friends perspective.

Like and Comment letting me know or if you have any questions. Or if Irish and like to add something:)

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Disclaimer: for the possibility of someone seeing the negative in this. I want to write this because for the first times I was living there I was told “you think this don’t you” and I could feel the frustration in my friends about the stereotypes or what people think is Irish or Ireland, thus I wrote this to clearr up the stereotypes and what people might not realize.