Lookbook: Why Feminist isn’t a dirty word

Saying I’m a feminist is very unlike a lot of bloggers–but here is why we shouldn’t feel this shame or anxiety of saying we are feminist! And the power we have when saying it!

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26 years old now: what I inspire in the next year

I’ve learned a lot in 26 years. But I’m not going to write a list of things I’ve learned in 26 years because it’s kind of the same as last year. Instead I’m going to tell you what I inspire to be and do in the next year. I inspire to be more artistic… I…

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You don’t become Queen over night

Talking about the fails of resolutions and going easy on yourself. Did you set resolutions this year? How’s that going? Are you feeling disappointed with fact that it isn’t happening?  You see it all over social media, every year after the new year, those post of “starting off the new year right” there usually in the…

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