Thoughts on doing a Masters degree and more.

Going for a Masters degree and trying to find a job after college. The struggles, frustration, and honest experience.

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Why Fidget Spinners are not a toy: lets talk about accommodations for kids with learning disabilities.

I am who I am and you are you, we are different and that is okay.  I have a learning disability and the best way I can explain it to people is that my mind works different than others and sometimes I need things to help me keep up. This post is a talk about…

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College Check List: things and advise for College

If you want to know more things about school, my school stories; click here. I went back to my undergrad college campus (Winona State) after three years and it was super weird. We passed the beach volleyball section and I told my friend I remember being a freshman and feeling so not “in college” and…

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