Thoughts on doing a Masters degree and more.

Going for a Masters degree and trying to find a job after college. The struggles, frustration, and honest experience.

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Trying to make it in the working world, the truth from a 20 something girl with a masters.

you hear it over and over again, we are snowflakes, lazy generation. And my response is you don’t know my life. So, if you really want to know what it’s like to be a millennium trying to make a life for herself in a society that makes you feel like you need to have that house,…

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A City Girl Update: The come back kid, talking about my graduation from UCC

This is an update post to where I am at personally, what graduating from University College Cork was felt like and also about how blogging can really get at you. This is the honest truth about figuring life out. Read to find out more…. The Come Back Kid I think 25 means you stop waiting…

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