What to wear this Fourth of July

 Here is what I styled together this 4th of July.


This will be my first 4th of July back in awhile and celebrating over seas was a lot different then here because if it landed on a Monday we still had to go to work. Also there were no 4th of July sales and I couldn’t find American flag themed anything. Which is expected because they wouldn’t be celebrating the 4th of July. (believe it or not I’ve said that to a few people and they couldn’t believe me). I had to find my own red cups, blue plates, and make my own red jello for my BBQ one year; and it worked out pretty well. And when it came to putting a 4th July outfit together I had only red, white and blue to work with–and this year I kept with that.

I thought about buying a shirt, swim suit, even a jean jacket ALL with the American flag and fourth July vibes on them, but like I said you really would only wear it on the 4th of July.

Knowing I was going to my first festival on the 4th I wanted to get an outfit that was perfect! When I saw this little romper in Zara I knew this was it. Pin stripe red and white perfect for the 4th. And a cut out for keeping cool in the summer heat.

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I love the back of it. The little tie in the back with the cut outs; it really is super sexy and actually keeps you cool.  And they really show off my back tattoo. Honestly am not a stripe fan when it comes to clothes; doesn’t look good on camera and they can change the shape of your body. But this romper doesn’t because of all the cut outs and details.

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The ruffles is something I LOVE because its different for me. Brings out the girly side in me.


I accessorised the romper with my Steve Madden shoes I wore for my graduation. And I made my own bandana out of white fabric.


To add the blue I had my Zara jacket but really you don’t need a jacket in this summer weather.

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I’m spending my 4th of July at Summerfest in WI. My first ever festival, I know its no Coachella, Electric Picnic, or any Irish festival. It’s an urban festival set up in a fair ground made for Summerfest. Also probably not a lot of people will be festive; I know now with Instagram and Youtube more people are putting an effort but here state side people mostly keep it real casual. Wait til the state fair.

More pictures on the FB page. And if I get to 100 likes on Fb I’m going to do a give away with a few bits City Girl things

The 1.0.1 on Make Up for the every day City Girl.

This is something I felt was missing from searching about Make up; this is 101 guide to make up…

I never been one for doing my make up growing up. But in the last three years and watching youtube channels I became more into it; I began to like it and find needing something to do. And in all the hype of make up, also with stores like Sephora or Boots can really get you spending money and overload on products you might not even use or work for you.   I’m not a make up expert but I feel like in my searches of make up, watch tutorials, swatches on my hand I still couldn’t find what I was looking for in my search. So I came up with this a break down to make up; tips, products and more. This a simple 101 guide to make up for the every day girl; some may know this stuff already so you can skip.

EDIT: note that this blog post ends where I didn’t think it would end. Because I am not a beauty experet, make up was something I just couldn’t talk about, there was no right adjective, it was something I just fell into and liked doing.

Break down to Make up: categories, types, and more

There are three categories to make up Face, Eyes, Lips.  The key to make up is don’t need much its just face, eyes, lips you can easily add in checks as well to give yourself colour.

If you are starting out with make up I say the one thing you should focus is on your face; because at 13 years old up until your 20s your biggest confidence and insecurey will be your face and those spots.  As you get older your going to have to add in probably more to your routine you will need that BB cream. For now buy yourself some bubble gum flavour lip balm .  Here is a little guide you can print or pin….

Break down to Make up

More to make up…

You start off with keeping make up simple but what if you want to go a little further in your make up and really don’t understand where to go. It’s time to make it a little bit more complicated. I went through things I didn’t know and googled and put the answers here:

  •  BB cream is like a foundation but less coverage; it evens out skin tones.
  • Tinted moizerizor is you know how they say to moizeriz your face–that but with colour in it.
  • What is Contouring exactly? its basically shaping your face. the only way to really look silly and avoid looking too clown or too bronzer is to blend and don’t layer them up (my opinion).
  • Highlighter is to bring light to your face. You really want something that fits your skin before the foundation.
  •  Bronzer makes you less of a ghost; like contouring your shaping your face but on the edges and check bones. Again don’t forget to blend and don’t layer up.
  • Powder products they are more dry baste to give you more of a mate finish (you won’t look like you are sweating)
  • When working with foundation think of it as a base and each product with a different purpose. There are contouring, highlighting, bronzer, and somehow they are different colours, texturs. And if your anything like me thinking what are these things and do I have to have them?

There are defiantly different types of people but I think in all of the hype, stores and world of make up go for things that you are liking, textur, fits your skin and really play around, I told you I’m not a beauty expert. Confuse in all the BB creams. foundations and highlighters the bottom line what make up do you actually need DEPENDS ON YOU! 

 I wanted to write this blog post to put a different voice out there, to talk about types of make up and break down make up because it can get confusing a lot of the time. Because a lot of time I’m confuse, and thinking about I was 14 years old at the beginning of 21 centry with no bloggers or youtubes like I would want a post like this. Telling me not what to buy, but the basic of make up. And I think I did that. I would LOVE to write about what I use but like I said in my EDIT make up is just something I do. This was my way of talking about make up and it’s not suppose to get “controversial” either its just a different voice to the mix of make up post.


Top 6 Tips to be Summer Ready

memorial weekend is here; I haven’t had one in three summers and back in high school it  meant summer was almost here thus it was time to get “summer ready”. Here are some city girl tips on how to be summer ready…


If you been watching pop TV shows, reading magazines, or blogs you will be seeing a lot of summer ready themed things. For me I never got summer ready it just meant I could wear shorts and sit outside and drink a cider. Life felt a lot more exciting and thrilling with summer. And those phrases like “summer body” or “getting swim suit ready” never really clicked with me but for someone else they could have–and not so positive either. Add those phrases that society needs to delete. Some may joke about getting summer body ready or how they will eat a pizza no matter what–some might not actually be joking. We all want to feel good in ourselves and our skin and its not just a seasonal thing either. But since summer is here and we are going to the beach or cabin more here are some top 6 tips on getting for “summer read” the self positive way…

Top 6 Tips to be Summer Ready

  1. My number one is to do something that makes you  feel good in your skin; if thats working out or eating. I am not one for diets; yes I don’t eat meat anymore but thats for health reasons. I always tell people is if you don’t feel good do something about it.  That is what I did; I started to work out, I stop drinking soda. Summer we are a little bit more exposed and we don’t want to feel unease with ourselves thus to be able to wear that killer swim suit  we need to feel good while wearing that. #1 do something to make you feel good in your own skin!
  2. Get your hair done! Summer is the time where I go get my hair done. There is nothing like having someone do your hair! I do it three times a year at best. I go in do the whole thing and I just feel like a totally new person and feel good for my hair is looking good. A new hair cut or colour is the key to that summer girl you are wanting to become.
  3. Less make up. In this heat you are going to get sweaty and make up is just going to drain from your face. Plus, being in the sun really helps your skin and you don’t want a huge layer blocking that. Put on the SPF some litter make up and let your natural beauty shine. The feeling good will come with less make up!
  4. Spend more time outside. For 8 months of the year we are inside because its too cold so spend as much time outside as possible even if its sitting reading. Sitting outside enjoy the day, the wind, the sun will honestly make you feel good cause there is nothing like fresh air!
  5. Socialize! Weekends are not only time to go and do something; you can easily do something during the week as well. It doesn’t even have to be drinking; thus one is fine. Being around people honestly brings the summer together and also really gets you motivated and confident. Good Energy!
  6. Take care of yourself! Spending a lot of time in the sun and outside can really tire a person out and  sure the tan not only looks good but makes you feel good it can also dry you out. Drink water, eat a lot of fruit, and take cold showers. Because even though its summer and there is something about summer sun, the ability to be outside, beer gardens you suddenly are in this summer bubble of happiness you still need to take care of yourself.

There is something definitely about summer that brings you to cloud 9 but what I learned is that its not only just a summer thing you can bring that cloud 9 year round by taking care of yourself and doing what makes you feel good.  The summer ready is so not about what we see on tV or in magazines or even on instagram; its in ourselves. I don’t want to feel gross, I want to feel good when I put on the jeans and I want to take care of myself. Enjoy this summer, get yourself ready and get yourself going for summer ready is just the start of a year of motivation, feeling good, looking good, glowing happiness for yourself! Brining that Summer Ready every month of the year.


Summer is a good start of a rock happy self  year round!


Style: How my style has changed over the years

Confidence comes with age. The things I wear now I would have never worn in high school or even three years ago. But that’s what happen’s when you get older, your style changes because you start to change, you start to develop more, and feel more of who you are with no fear. Here’s how my style story plus more…


Little old Tom Boy:

When I was little my mom dressed me and my sister with matching outfits a lot of the time for special days or holidays we went on. And my style was 100% 90s kid. I was Mary-Kate Olsen. I wore dressed but I didn’t care if I got them dirty. When I was 10 I asked for a a tool box and a hats. I have lots of hats because of this. I was the tom boy girl who still liked playing dress up. I had the candy necklaces. I had the odd clipps in my hair. And because I want to keep my pictures of younger me and memories personal here is pictures of Olsen twins because when I was younger I looked like them.

High School themed sweatshirts and pants:

My style was just trying to figure itself out in high school. I look back at picture of me in middle school and high school and just think how awkward I felt but how I wish I had a style. We would go school shopping but I would end up never wearing them–I wore sports gear or school themed clothing I got.  I’d take those quizzes on what my style is, just to help me figure it out, figure out what I liked. Who did I want to be; but everything I tried just didn’t feel like me or felt good in. I went through at lot of phases in high school; even did the whole black liner that a guy told me I shouldn’t cause I looked pretty without it. High school your suppose to be awkward, wearing yoga pants; not feeling good in your clothes. High school was the awkward years of clothes and style. I had no style.Today, not so much the case.


I began to hit a peak in college, taking chances, putting on make up, doing my hair. My freshmen year I really was like “no more high school” dressing. I had a friend for all four years who was such a style and on point girl; who really put confidence in myself. I was on the floor as she sat above me to curl my eyelashes for the very first time, she gave me my first lipliner. I had no clue what anything was or what to do; but I began to just experience.  I began to dress up to go to class. Wearing leather pants out to the bars. I also wore sweatshirts and my leopard print shorts with UGG boots saw more then one day. I began to adore shorts with tights. And my style began to grow as I began to feel more like myself. But I still wasn’t feeling good especially in jeans.

 Irish influence:

I definitely was influenced by the Irish while living there; I mean I NEVER put on tan or wore heels before I moved there. But I began to do it; and now my heels are high and putting on tan is human nature to me.  But I’m definitely more confidence in my clothes; and wearing clothes that I wore or bought years ago now I feel more good in them. I am wearing jeans. And I am also wearing clothes I never thought I would wear.  Like low cut shirts, nice pair of slacks.  Confidence does come and changes how you dress yourself for sure. I definitely think all those pictures I pinned wishing my style was like that is now happening; I don’t feel like I’m playing dress up or look foolish. I do still feel this odd phase of working woman having to dress “conservative” but I own a lot of crop tops. Getting dress for work is were my confidence is slowly decreasing because I don’t feel good in those clothes or feel like me.  But I began to buy things that are “adulting” but still me. And I want my style in any situation every day to work to dressing up stay who I am.


What is my style now?

After all those quizes and all those pins; years of trying to figure out what my style was-the answer was just as simple as I wear what I like to wear and what makes me feel good. Some days its a sweatshirt and leggings, other days its a total put together outfit. But….I think if I had to define my style it would be grunge, casual, boho. I like the textiles and prints of boho and I like the easy going of grunge, and I just love t-shirt and jeans; keeping it casual. Maybe one day the crop tops will stop; but they really haven’t they are just coming in different styles now.

My biggest tip to when buying clothes, don’t buy something cause its trend and everyone else is buying it. Buy it cause you want it. Or if you like it and everyone has it either get it in a different colour or wear it different. Get a different style of some trend. Style is an individual thing, own it.



My must have Make Up Products

A list of my must have make up products.


Foundation: My all time go to, daily foundation is Rimmel Match Perfect (blue top), I just love it. After I got NARs sheer glow I felt like they were the same thing; just the price difference. I like how it can be good coverage and also buildable if you are having an off day. I like the texture and how I don’t feel like I’m wearing foundation when its on.

Concealer: Collections! No question about it. It really needs to come to America like how its not here yet after being named the number one concealer baffles me.

Bronzer: I’m not really picky about my bronzer I’ve used the Rimmel bronzer a lot when I would have tan on and it worked well. Also NYC bronzer with the little hexagon of different bronze colours and white in them was my favourite in high school. Think that one is pretty good when you have no tan. My none pickyness hasn’t made me try anything else.

Blush: I have never been so picky about blush, I usually go for a pink one. I think about going with some crazy blush colour but I will have to say Nars Orgasm. And there are a lot of dupes out there so no worry of paying the price!

Highlighter: My favourite highlighter is of course not sold in America. Its in the Sleek face Form palette; my first “contouring” palette. When I put on this highlighter I felt like some Goddess. This is like a peachy shimmery perfect intensity (illuminating next level) highlighter. I have not yet found one that I love and makes my checks become Goddess and fits my skin colour with tan or not.

Contouring: I have a cheap and checky way to contouring that is probably back shit wrong, but I will share that soon or later. But for contouring I will have to say the Anastasia beverly hills. It is pretty dame good! Given contouring is something I do only on special occasions its worth the money.

Eyeshadow: I’m not much for eyeshadow cause I give myself a black eye. But I have two colours I like to go to and there like between purple and orange. I am a clown like.  There is this one colour in the blushed nudes from Maybelline that is 5th one from the top. Why no name? It’s like this matte really light violet colour that is a bit earthy tone. I hit pan on that one! The Inglot 407 is this nice shimmery orange. I like colours that are perfect for blue eyes. I play around a lot with earth tone to purple tones to more orange base eyeshadows.

MascaraMaybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I love that there is two sides to the brush for top and bottom, it really lengths my lashes and makes my eyes look wider. I love the They’re Real TRAVEL from Benefit too; love how the end of the brush you can use for more detail. This one I fell in love with, my eyeslashes were to next level! The normal size is WAY different, trust me.

Eyebrows: Benefit no question about it! I love the pencils and the highlighter brow. I’ve gone through a lot of eyebrow stuff and Benefit has been the one that has been most successful. I do use Naked basic palette, the brown, for a powder shadow when I want a quite eyebrow. Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow is a favourite of mine as well, again special occasions.

EXTRA: Lipstick would have to be Revlon Primerose–which is now disappeared once again. And to say I am upset is an understatement. Sleek liquid lipstick in birthday suit. Not sold in America, of course. Self-Tanner would have to be Rimmel Mouse Tanner, I used that A LOT in Ireland it is easy, simple, and last a very long time. I apply it right before I do my make up and its dry ready for a night out. And not sold in America.


Those are my must have make up products. IF you can see I’m screwed cause a lot of my favourites are NOT sold in America.  I’ve looked and just couldn’t find that so perfect sleek highlighter, or the best birthday suit liquid lipstick or great price PLUS BEST product concealer.  If anyone knows any affordable-ish make up products that are sold state side let me know in the comments! Because having to spend bank on products–I just can’t especially if I’m going to use it everyday like concealer.


April brings May favourites

April  brings  May favorite from beauty, music, quotes and how to organize self with goals this coming month!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetApril was about trying to bring thrill into my life. If you read my post about coming back you will know coming back hasn’t been easy, but its a new month  and  I’m brining the things I’ve tried and done in April into May, determine to make it a good one! Here are my favourite things….


IMG_0381I’m really trying to get into a bathroom routine, I’m at the age now that not having one will have great effects on me later.  I’ve been using Pixi Glow Tonic and Double Cleanser. Which still haven’t figured out if its been good for my skin but it has gotten my make up off like Double Cleanser is suppose to. I’ve been using this face brush from Olay that I’ve been really liking too. That has been a very good not so expensive purchase.

Make up:

Here’s a list of some of my favorite makeup:

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Also featured but not mention is my Inglot shadows I got–orange and white! I love the colours
  • Primrose Lipstick: This is my all time favorite lipstick from Revlon. I couldn’t find it for years.  I  tried to find something similar to replace it, but nothing could! A few months ago at Walgreens, I found it! The colour is between pink and a nude.
  • Tanya Burr liquid lipstick: Sadly this isn’t sold in America, I got it when I was in Scotland. MarthaMoo smells AMAZING, it doesn’t dry out my lips and it stays on even after drinking. And the colour is this perfect 90s pink-MarthaMoo!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

  • Collection concealer : this has been my favorite product of a time. Its thick, it doesn’t dry up and the #1 is perfect for under eye. Also, the  price. It really needs to come to America!
  • Benefit eyebrows: if there was one brand I  trust with my eyebrows its Benefit. Nothing else, if you saw my eyebrows you know they are good.
  • Nars counting stick: I haven’t been very good at contouring, I just feel like I never do it right. but with this stick, I get some shape to my face. Fast easy blend perfect for those no time days.
  • Tart Pro Palette: I love this palette for the variety of mat colours and good pygmies. My other shows I have to like layer on but this I don’t I just blend. I still create a black eye but I try.


Items I’ve been loving have been:IMG_0395

  • My Eire Necklace from Temple Wolf
  • Rose Gold Thumb Ring from Topshop
  • Loft leaper print sunglasses

I’m becoming more aware of things and how things can have negative effects, especially with clothes. So I’ve done a lot of research on what stores I shouldn’t and brands I should be buying. No more Forever 21. I’ve been loving H&M for really it has so much variety and quality, with good ethics. Less guilt 😉  I will be hitting a lot more local shops and vintage shops this month too!


  • Feminist Fight Club: I liked this book for it gave me off more educational yet funny explanation of feminist issues and how we can overcome. What women can do.
  • The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck: still in the middle of this book and loving every F-bomb she drops


I needed new music and well Betty Who is catchy and when I listen to hit I just have these stories in my head, or memories. Betty Who brings life to my boring days. For podcast I can’t stop listening to Clt Alt Delete. Anytime I have this rant going on in my brain about life and media this podcast ends up talking about it and puts ease to my mind or makes me want to discuss it more. Also kind of want to see about doing my own podcast, a like talk show podcast where we just talk. Girl can dream?!?


My Polaroid printer! I have so many cameras that buying another camera to have a Polaroid picture just wasn’t my idea but a printer is an idea.  I’m hoping with May and summer I’m able to take more pictures and print them!

Organisation and Planning:

I wouldn’t know how to tell someone how to be organize, I try.

IMG_7595 I work way better when I have a lot going on and something to focus on. Not being in school has be roof on my planning skills.  For the May the plan is setting goals but knowing anything can happen so don’t stress! Daily keep in mind my pie chart of self and health goals.  Taking more me time in the evenings but not being couch potato. Basically I want to fill in my pie charts and feel like I’m back in school, focus and getting things done! For anyone who is trying to keep up there days and not feel too overwhelmed or stress; I suggest setting goals and balancing work and self during your days.

A self-reminder for May:

Never let anything hold you back if you want to do something then do it, even if it is by yourself. why wait?!?


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What I wore: living out of a suitcase outfits

Today’s post is all about looking stylish while living out of a suitcase for more than just a weekend away. Here are the outfits I put together while traveling on my Back in Ireland trip. Not in order of how I wore things.


Birthday Outfit:  Probably my favorite outfit and my favorite night. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress. Cause it was my birthday night out I went big. My oh, so lovely birthday dress I wear every year-Topshop like more than 50% off I got it the first time in there for 45 euros. DEAL! So I wear it often. The necklace was new from TopShop it is rose gold and thought it went well with being a chocker and long with the nice v cuts in the dress. My hair I did in braids and un did them this is what happen. My makeup was alright not my best work, but lately, it’s been suffering. Tan on was COCO brown. I felt like it was my birthday in this outfit!
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

This shirt makes a popular appearance on my road trips, it’s easy going, has a message and kept me warm during my hikes. I am really loving T-shirts with a message, it allows my outfit do the talking. The Jeans are black Jamie jeans from Topshop, the jacket is Northface and my shoes are Toms. Which by the end of the trip were destroyed.

Similarity on my hike in Edinburgh I wore basically the same thing just my old pair of Jamie ripped jeans, my fish tights, and a scarf I got at Primark (Penny’s) in Edinburgh. Here are the details…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetMy graduation dress: I got this violet pink dress from Francesca’s, it’s a bit different from what I usually wear but there were cutouts that were covered with lace. The shoes were Steve Madden. I thought I was the coolest girl in high school with my Steve madden boots. I still think so 😉






Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


On rainy days. I was wearing my waterproof booties that had good grip at the bottom for the stone streets. When it rains those streets are the death of you. I was wearing my black Jamie jeans with my river island belt. That my sister likes to call my “cow girl belt”. I had on my nice maroon bomber and a crop top sweater I got from Target. Target is really upping their game, I’m finding some trendy pieces there.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Keeping it causal in my disco pants- I had these disco pants for the longest time. Toms sneakers, a crop top I got at Nordstrom’s in the Topshop sections. With a knit jumper that kept me cool and warm. Sunglasses from The Loft and necklace from Topshop–it’s my golden feather necklace. I like keeping it casual but cute.






Those were few of the outfits I wore. I had more then these, but these are the ones I photographed. Can you tell what my favourite things are?  What’s your favourite outfit? Do you have a birthday dress?


Like the post if you enjoy this kind of thing, it’ll let me know what I can keep doing and what doesn’t work. xx