Holiday Lookbook: 90s vibes

My Goals for Blogging for 2018 and lookbook for those Holiday Paries….

Holiday Lookbook H&M top silver 90s vibe .jpg

I  was talking to my friend about how I wanted to do Holiday themed stuff but I don’t want to do what I’ve seen, that looks so perfectly places or an Ad yet I am not getting paid so why should I make it look like one? When I could make it more artistic, more me, more real? And that’s the thing that I feel so frustrating with blogging the lack of creativity, along with how its so copy and paste. I look at other accounts, other bloggers, see what they do, for inspiration but also to figure out what I can do to increase my blog. Looking at the hashtags they use, what they post, filters, what the say etc. And I do all that, but I’m still not getting anywhere and I question is it me? The Girl who isn’t afraid to be herself!?

I know I say don’t care about numbers which I don’t but to say that my goal by March, my birthday month, is to have 1,000 followers by than. It isn’t really me caring about the numbers but more of a goal and achievement. Here I am sharing realism, imperfection, flaws, writing about topics and subjects that not many bloggers talk about until after they have a following, but I talked right from the start about my body and tattoos, I talked about being a feminist, young girls, depression, having a learning disability, struggled of moving back etc. Doing that is so against everything what blogging is (big chunk but not always). People want flawless, they want perfection, they want to talk about clothes, you want christmas gift list, you want me to tell you when a sale is happening, have a discount code when really you could go on the website and see there is one there for you. I don’t want to reach 1,000 followers by doing that. And if I reach a 1,000 followers by being 100% that means I’ve changed something, I made an impact. A 1,000 followers would mean that there is change and finally being real and perfectly imperfect means something.

H&M Silver Top Holiday Lookbook 90s vibe.jpg

But instead every time I DON’T post a picture of me standing in the street with an outfit, telling you about how I got a coffee and go to this link to find what I am wearing OR take the right perfectly places picture on the street- I lose followers. We say being different is good thing, than why do we still want to be like everyone else?

I could easily do it, I know how exactly what to be and wear to be liked, to get those 1,000 followers. But it wouldn’t feel good and I sure in hell wouldn’t be me. If I reach 1,000 followers instagram it is saying that its okay to staying true to yourself.Holiday Lookbook 90s Vibe A City Girl Story H&M silver tang top.jpg

Don’t get me wrong I don’t need strangers or anyone telling me that its okay for me being me. But the battle of staying true to yourself no matter what is still a hard one. Not only in blogging.   And if it doesn’t happen this year well maybe next year. Because to be perfectly honest my main goal is for people to READ my blog. And to not only love and enjoy the visual content that I work so hard to create but to read my words under the pictures–and to have a reaction, spark a conversation, not comment below with an emoji unless its the elephant one. Or text telling me how I’m cute just to give me a compliment that I didn’t need or ask for, when you could have read my blog and started a conversation via that instead. What I want is for you to read my words so if its not 1,000 followers at least 2018 let’s read my words and not make me give up blogging because my god this has been annoying year.

My other goals for blogging 2018 is to put out better more visual appealing content, I want to expand city girl story into different outlets which could be a little scary because I am a writer; writing is what I do. Podcast has crossed my mind.

Holiday Lookbook H&M silver Top.jpg



Five Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Plus a Fenty Beauty Highlighter review

Stocking Stuffer Ideas a city girl story


A lot of people focus on the big gifts but to be honest my favorite thing to open is the stocking. Because it’s really the littlest things, usually the most thoughtful bits like hey I saw this and thought of you that are in there. Sometimes the stocking is the worst thing because how many more socks are you going to find in there?! Well, I got some little bits of things you can stuff in your Xmas Stocking ideas for you!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas .jpg

  1. Address book:  I know what your thinking but as I get older and every year I send out Holiday cards and every year I have to message the same people asking for there address. Having an address book is so cool and loving because you’re going to fill it up with so many people you know and can contact. It’s vintage Facebook and I love that!
  2. Gold Jewellery: I am obsessed with gold jewellery and think gold really pops with the holiday colors of green and red (some may say silver). Jewellery doesn’t have to be too fancy, it can be fun, something you saw and was like that would be something NAME would wear. Gold hoops?! could never go wrong with gold hoops. Or maybe an Eire necklace from woman own Temple Wolf company?Stocking Stuffer Ideas Temple Wold Eire necklace.jpg
  3. Polaroid Printer: You’ve seen the cameras, but what’s handier than taking the pictures you took on your phone and instantly printing them? I love mine, it’s so handy and can print so many the pictures I will forget about but love right away. It’s small and would be perfect for the stocking!
  4. Book: you can’t go wrong with a book and why not a classic book. There are so many good books out there, but if you can find their favorite book, maybe can find that book with something special to it. Like an original cover maybe? They say books will go out of style but I don’t think so.
  5. Make up: Little bits of make up is always a nice touch especially if the girl or guy you know likes make up. I’m not talking about getting them an eye palette. I’m talking little things, things they would never think of! Can’t go wrong with Eyeshadow Cran-Nars ones I like. Nail Polish is also good. Or highlighter compacts are fun!

Fenty Beauty Review Holiday Highlighter idea.jpg

Fenty Beauty Highlighter: Everyone is talking about Fenty Beauty and I got  myself the highlighter (i have a highlighter problem). And it took awhile to determine if I liked it as much as my Sleek highlighter. The reason why it took too long as there are two different ones in the palette I got was Killawatt with Lightning Dust & Fire Crystal. When I put them on I also couldn’t determine if it was even on there, because when I put the Sleek on I saw the shine right away. I was very confused since Fenty was so vivid on my finger. I did a comparison with Sleek on one side and Fire Crystal on the other. I realize it could have been the light. I do love it I still not sure which one I like more and don’t think it has replaced Sleek because Sleek was like 15 for the whole pallet and this was 45. But I have been going for my Fenty Beauty (but that might be cause I don’t want to lose Sleek which I’ve hit pan on!)


Those are 5 different stocking stuffer ideas to stuff your friend, family or love the one with! Or maybe even yourself?!

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Lookbook: Holiday Dress

First Holiday post & to be honest I don’t know what to post or write. Because my goal isn’t to give you some pictures, three lines and some links; and I so don’t want my pictures to look like advertisement but stories to tell. So here we go…

Holiday Lookbook cover photo.jpg

I saw this dress in H&M and thought Xmas right away. It’s the perfect dress & here is the story….

When she wake ups on the 25th of December the day feels more brighter and happier. The sun is brighter, the snow is whiter, the morning growns don’t exist. Everyone can’t wait to wake up on Xmas morning. There is a large sack under the tree, Santa has come even though he doesn’t really exist its nice to know he still comes every year. She spends her morning  in her PJs and eating cinnamon rolls. But soon she has to get ready for the festive day a head.

Holiday Dress H&M City Girl



She lays out this velvet green as the Garland on the stair rail dress. A perfect V neck, with a fitted waste and button cuff sleeves.A dress like this is perfect for the Holiday season.



She isn’t much of a dress kind of girl, but when she saw this dress in the store she saw herself in it. Wearing it out to Christmas dinner, through the snow the green would pop, make it a little wild with her leaper print boots. She’ll rock the christmas work party.  And to wear it on Xmas day she new she get a lot of compliments. She’ll smile  saying thank you I got it at H&M.

Holiday Lookbook Velvet Green Dress H&M.jpg

Trying to find that perfect Xmas dress can be hard, you don’t want to be too tacky, and do you want to have another year in your rain deer sweatshirt and bell socks. The best thing about this dress is can wear it even after christmas, wear a belt around the waste, grunge it up with a chocker,wear it out to a cocktail night, strapy heels. No matter what time of year it is or how you wear it you’ll feel like a powerful stylish woman especially if you hardly ever wear dresses.  What are you wearing this Holiday season? Don’t know I have a few more lookbooks to come for some inspiration!

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City Girl Story Holiday Lookbook H&M Velvet Green Dress.jpg

How to dress like yourself in a professional setting

Knowing who I am never was the problem. The problem has always been being who I am in a world that wants me to be someone I’m not. I definitely feel this when I have to go to work, wearing clothes that are professional but aren’t me. Like you go to work and you actually aren’t yourself. I don’t like khakis I don’t like how they feel, a lot of dress pants look weird on me, and blazers I feel like a kid with an oversize jacket pretending to be “mother”.  A lot of time I began to itch at myself, I just want to put on my clothes but I can’t because I’m in an adult job. But who says you can’t wear your clothes, your style to work?

So how do you dress for work but still be yourself? Here are a few looks I put together that I would wear to work.

How to dress like yourself in a professional setting style lookbook.jpg

Lets be honest trying to wear clothes as a women is hard. Have you seen the school rules girls have? I find it very hard when I walk into work and I get a look up and down with that eye thats telling you something is wrong with your outfit. It’s like my skirt is at finger tips and I am short. Also if you have an issue with what I am wearing, I think we have to look in the mirror. Am I right? But lets focus on trying not to feel like a kid playing dress up while going to work.

Above is a cozy, simple outfit. I like this outfit because the sweater isn’t too tight where when things are tight I am very itchy and that effects my focus. The skirt my mom made and I like the ruffs brings a little girly to my look. Leather sneakers for those days where my feet can’t do heels! And bun up because its better to have your hair in a bun out of your face!

How to dress like yourself in a professional setting outfit.jpg

Switching to a different top and some wedge heels that lace up. I like this because I’m still me in my bold jewellery, black clothes yet I’m still professional. The jacket I picked up in a shop three years ago off in Cork, its the shop next to Pennys if anyone is familiar. I liked that its a very nice jacket with leather=like lining around it but not your usual suit jacket. Like I said I can’t wear a suit jacket!

When I have to go to work and I have to wear more professional outfits and its a struggle; because I am such a T-shirt and Jeans girl, clothes can really bug me when I’m stress and nervous. So, I always go for a nice button up that’s not too tight, some black jeans or a skirt. You really can’t go wrong with dresses except I haven’t found a dress that feels like me but professional. The little black dress I’ve had since I was 17 so maybe that’s the problem.

Here are some looks I’ve pinned that I pinned under “grown up” board that I would consider wearing to work and are still “my style”:



Maybe this whole thing is a metaphor. Maybe this is me saying how people really got to stop looking at me like a child. Or maybe this is me telling myself I really shouldn’t have bought those patch jeans like I am some teenager in the 80s. What does it mean to be an adult? I don’t know, I thought it was when I could vote, then when I could drink, then it was after I graduate college, after I got a Masters, now when I get a big girl job, but like I stopped calling that and started to call it a career so maybe I’m an adult now? Anyone else feel like an adult yet? Or do you feel as awkward and weird in suits as much as I do?! Let me know!

“Life isn’t where I want it to be most definitely not and I never wanted my life to be stuck and determine by what I have to do so do what you love and fuck the rest. “

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The way you looked at me in those tight Grease like jeans.

Creative thought piece plus lookbook feature black Jamie jeans from Topshop

Before I get to my Story lookbook I thought I say “hi it’s been awhile” since my last blog post which can read here. It’s been three weeks and all I have been doing is working and it was stressful so I stepped away from blogging.  I even deleted my Instagram for a few days and reloaded it just in time for one of my all time fav moments in blogging. I’ll keep that to myself 🖤 Every day I worked I felt overwhelmed, stresses and exhausted.  I also still felt the same with blogging as I last shared.  As I slowly returned to my blogging routine with a styling post to my Facebook page, that not going well and seeing my following numbers going down the fucks kind of went out the window (it took a bit). I like being creative wether its creating visual context, working on my Ipad, taking pictures, writing, putting words and pictures together, etc. That is something I like to do and its nice to have a place to put all the stuff I created rather then it to sit on my computer like nothing. I need a place to put my creative abilities to work while I’m figuring out life at 25!  So I’m coming back to blogging with a story lookbook, its nice to have a place to share it. 

Story lookbook  TopShop Jamie Jeans.jpg

The boy bit his bottom lip, saying damn to her in those black jeans, skin tight. Giving her that look. The way a girl wanted to be look at. Kind makes you nervous, a little terrified but a whole lot of happy. A look to her like she was worth something to him. The one that reminded him how lucky he was to have her. The look he gave her in those jeans was all for her. She new he wouldn’t be able to resist.

Story lookbook a city girl story jamie jeans topshopNo one would. She put them on like a superhero cape, like Marilyn Moore put on lipstick, embracing herself. The confidence. Everything about her felt good in those jeans. She walk and see other boys giving her a look but it was never the right one. She roll her eyes because they gave her that look like she needed it. But she didn’t need it, she already had it. Somewhere out there were  hazel eyes that looked at her in those tight Grease like jeans.

That looked let her know that no matter what there was a boy out there who wanted her,broken or together she had it. Reminding her what who she was. Because the truth was she new what she could do in those jeans and thats all she needed.

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City Girl Style: Girl Power Tees are more than a trend

let’s talk about how those girls empower t-shirts that everyone is wearing but no one seems to be talking.

girl power tess are more than a trend city girl blog post

Don’t get me wrong here, I love the graphic empowering Tees I just have some concerns.


We live in a time where being women, a girl, a lady is important.  More women are fighting and speaking up, calling it out, and saying it straight up. Even younger girls are too. And our clothes are a way of expressing , most definitely.  I’m only wondering if this trend a good thing or a bad thing for women solidarity. What do you think?

In a podcast (it Galz) they pointed out that wearing a t-shirt that says “feminist” is more than a trendy thing to buy.  I can’t remember the exact words they said, I can’t even remember the episode all I remember is they had a point. That this girl power, solidarity, feminist, women empowerment is more than a trend or a fab.  Being a girl, standing in solidarity, equality, Girl boss or girl power is not a “trending” or hashtag thing. It’s an ACT.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear these T-shirts, I’m all for the activist T-shirts–did you see my FB post that it’s not Band Tee’s anymore. I wonder if its a trend vs. an act. That if your going to wear the Tees you should definitely believe and stand up for what those tees represent. Or are you wearing it for the trendy factor?

I worry that the purpose and goal for feminism will get lost. So many people are wearing them more then speaking up. A lot of people are speaking up, don’t get me wrong but A lot more could be.


It’s not even T-shirts, these slogans of “Girl club” “not yours” are on any item of clothing,accessory. Instagram feeds are growing to be more feminists girl power base. But when I asked a girl if she was all for girl power she said “sure, I think it’s really cute though.”

The positive sides to all this it’s turning attention on women issues and will gain more attention, bring a more positive to feminism.

So the question is why are you going to buy the T-shirt for it’s “cool” and “trending” Or are you wearing it to make a bold symbolical statement of what change we want to see in the world. & not only wear it but speak it, walk the walk?

So before you buy a feminist slogan T-shirt from Zara or H&M think about these places where the % goes to some great organisations that do things for women and then some.Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

  • Google Ghost Nasty shirt: % goes to Planned Parenthood
  • My they are fighting and educating on sex trafficking
  • Female Collective: it is a place that uplifts and supports women also works with artist, writers, etc.
  • Feminist Apparel: has some great stuff that they even partner with some organisation.
    *Having a t-shirt like this is a good conversation starter because if someone says I like your t-shirt we say “Penny’s girl” imagine what we say when we tell them we got it at one of these organisations?!?!

Slogan girl power T-shirt are a cool item to wear but  it is more than a trendy fashion piece.  Wear it and also join the movement, educate yourself about women issues, basically stand with woman not only wear it. A way is to get involved in any way possible. It’s more than a fashion statement its a movement to a whole new future for women.Processed with VSCO with 2 preset

I strongly see the future is FEMALE especially if we keep going in this direction!

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Styling: Top 5 Sweater weather outfits

This autumn/winter season and the one item you will be wearing is a sweater. So I went through my closet pulled a few sweaters and came up with 5 different outfits to wear this autumn/winter. 


I don’t really know how to start these post, I’m trying to get better at writing more styling/fashion post but I never really know how. I don’t want to say three lines then link you to some products–I’m not getting any money off it and if I say I got this at BLAH I’m sure you can easily find it.  Words are powerful thing and having a blog I feel it’s kind of like I am wonder women saving the world (it isn’t really I know). But like I said I want to put a different voice out there, I want to tell other girls & boys that its okay not to be like everyone else. And even thought time over and over again its said your clothes are a way of expressing yourself, fashion has always been this rebellious thing–people are still dressing the same; because of trends, not wanting to be an outcase and now with social media. I have nothing agents trend pieces, I bought myself fluffy sliders.  So how am I going to writing these post, i mean are you going to read it? People don’t seem to read things anymore, no time, too much effort, does it grab your attention, so many distraction–are you still with me because I have reached 250 words.

5 styling sweaters


Sweaters are pretty easy, like t-shirt and jeans, a little bit nicery though. The key to pulling off sweaters though, I think, is always accessories.




How you going to rock your sweater this autumn/winter?