My Favourite shop: H&M and their Holiday Deals

I’ve seen a lot of these kind of post of where people screen shot from companies and talk about their favourite things. I usually do similar on my FB page because really I don’t know what to say for those things but I thought I’d do something similar with a twist.  I’m not only going to share what I like, what their deals are for Black Friday but why I also like H&M.

Coming back a year ago in Ireland (if your new here I lived in Ireland for two years it really impacted and influenced me a lot)  I was having a hard time finding stores that had items I would wear or my style of clothes. I would go into shops and sure they had an item that I would by but it wasn’t me it either was to prepy, to badly made, or the colour was all wrong. One day I stubbled my way into H&M, now I’ve bought things in H&M but it was always like it was a good year for H&M or it wasn’t. I began to find items that I loved, that fit me, that were me and also brining the suffiscated, sexy look to my wardrobe. The best part H&M has really good values of where they make their clothes, being very environment friendly, and price. Suddenly my closet was filled with H&M.

I usually find myself in H&M a lot these days. There stuff is still trendy meets dressing for my age. Which is a struggle. You can honestly find the cutest things at H&M, but do note you wont find any ‘brands’ no levi jeans or anything this is ALL H&M own clothing. It’s also not a department store so you might not find a matching outfit, the store is laid out for you to create outfits a lot of the time. Which I love just going in and suddenly I got myself an outfit, or I got a few key pieces.

Here are a few things I love and Holiday Deals!

While living in Ireland black Friday wasn’t really as BIG as it was state side, I walked past Opera Lane and just saw a sign in the window BLACK FRIDAY sale. No one is rushing. To be honest, I think Black Friday and what people do, how they actually go to stores ON Thanksgiving is one big metaphor. But a sale is a sale and H&M is having a good one with up 60% off–you can get jackets usually 60 bucks for 15! That’s a deal!! Here are a few things that are on BLACK Friday along with a few things I just like. Oddly enough when looking over H&M doesn’t really have much pants for the Black Friday Deal…..

H&M and holiday deals Flounced Top Green
This is such a CUTE little top you can wear to work or out on the town. I love the colour it fits for the season but it comes in an off white as well!
H&M and holiday deals Jersey Dress
Little black dress. And in Jersey Fabric it’s COMFY! I liked how they styled it online over jeans with some heels (self reminder I need to find those businesses like pointed Barbie wore heels that fit my feet)
H&M and holiday deals Patterned Dress
I am not one for plaid think people wear it too much over here, but this little plaid dress is so cute and its black ❤
H&M and holiday deals Patterned Pants
I like pants that don’t go right to my foot, show a little skin but also gives room to like had a some socks.
H&M and holiday deals Viscose Dress
I wouldn’t be one to wear this dress I thought it was very cute. And there is a similar one like this in stores that is ON SALE for BLACK FRIDAY for 20!
H&M style and holiday deals sequence dress
New Years is coming up and saw a lot of girls in the beginning of Sep. wearing sequences and now they have one I’m sure this will be on SALE sometime soon!


It’s hard to find clothes that fit my style that I have developed into a mix of Irish influence and the grunge Tom boy, casual girl I always have been.  But I think H&M does that, it’s I shop I think has gotten out of the hit and miss part, it really needs work on its Marketing in store the signs are very confusing, take note when in there! Maybe its a translation issue? H&M is a Swedish company.


The way you looked at me in those tight Grease like jeans.

Creative thought piece plus lookbook feature black Jamie jeans from Topshop

Before I get to my Story lookbook I thought I say “hi it’s been awhile” since my last blog post which can read here. It’s been three weeks and all I have been doing is working and it was stressful so I stepped away from blogging.  I even deleted my Instagram for a few days and reloaded it just in time for one of my all time fav moments in blogging. I’ll keep that to myself 🖤 Every day I worked I felt overwhelmed, stresses and exhausted.  I also still felt the same with blogging as I last shared.  As I slowly returned to my blogging routine with a styling post to my Facebook page, that not going well and seeing my following numbers going down the fucks kind of went out the window (it took a bit). I like being creative wether its creating visual context, working on my Ipad, taking pictures, writing, putting words and pictures together, etc. That is something I like to do and its nice to have a place to put all the stuff I created rather then it to sit on my computer like nothing. I need a place to put my creative abilities to work while I’m figuring out life at 25!  So I’m coming back to blogging with a story lookbook, its nice to have a place to share it. 

Story lookbook  TopShop Jamie Jeans.jpg

The boy bit his bottom lip, saying damn to her in those black jeans, skin tight. Giving her that look. The way a girl wanted to be look at. Kind makes you nervous, a little terrified but a whole lot of happy. A look to her like she was worth something to him. The one that reminded him how lucky he was to have her. The look he gave her in those jeans was all for her. She new he wouldn’t be able to resist.

Story lookbook a city girl story jamie jeans topshopNo one would. She put them on like a superhero cape, like Marilyn Moore put on lipstick, embracing herself. The confidence. Everything about her felt good in those jeans. She walk and see other boys giving her a look but it was never the right one. She roll her eyes because they gave her that look like she needed it. But she didn’t need it, she already had it. Somewhere out there were  hazel eyes that looked at her in those tight Grease like jeans.

That looked let her know that no matter what there was a boy out there who wanted her,broken or together she had it. Reminding her what who she was. Because the truth was she new what she could do in those jeans and thats all she needed.

More of the pictures from this photoshoot over on the FB page go a head and like the page while your at it!

If you liked this post like it! After 30 days of working, getting back feeling better-I felt better after my friend remind me again to do what I love, post what I want when I want, but also for strangers giving me that look I fear of ‘so this is what your doing with your life.’ kind of look. Which gave me a great idea for next post! To be countined. 

Part 5: those messages girls get

I’ve held onto this one for awhile, and its a hard one, and I don’t want to get in the wrong either. This Bad Date is not going to be funny, the word dick pic will be used A LOT and that’s my ‘warning’ if you don’t want to read. 

Bad Dates Series A city Girl Story

In the wake of women standing  and speaking up against sexual harassment and sexual assault, what’s happening in Hollywood, everywhere else, in #metoo and recently one of my favourite bloggers Frassy called out the creepy men that message her; and me fearing to share my stuff because I “know” what will happen but all I want to do is be creative. So it’s time to talk about those catcalling, dick pics, and those messages you get from guys.

If a guy says something or does something that is offensive I’m going to call  him out and hope he apologizes- they usually don’t. If a guy is going to grab my butt, I will kick him. And suddenly I’m the bad person?? Once I watch a guy reach, a foot away, with his hand going for a girl under her skirt. I slapped it so fast and screamed NO! For some beeping reason, guys think this is okay to say, touch, do, message girls. I was listening to the podcast called Its Galz (when I got this idea for this post-MONTHS AGO) which talked about those demeaning, sexualised,  messages girls get FROM STRANGERS. They talked about how guys think just because a girl posted a cute, sexy selfie or snap doesn’t mean you can DM her and start sending crude rude messages to her. It happens, and with dating, it happens, way too often. You kind of wonder if there is actually a decent guy out there who isn’t going to send you a picture and you know exactly what it is before you even open it.

Don’t you take it as a compliment? a guy asked me on a date once.

We are taught to take it as a compliment. That when a guy wants to “fuck you on that bed” that this is a good thing. When you are trying to get to know a guy and all he is  wanting is to meet you up for the night, drive around in his car, calls you at 4 am in the morning waking you up from your sleep to “come over.” Sending you dick pics after your having a nice conversation. I once got a dick pic from a guy who took it under the desk while still in the library. I sent a message back saying “did you seriesly just send me that, while you are in the library?” AND HE DID IT AGAIN!!

IS SO MESSED UP! For god sakes, I didn’t ask you to send me a picture of your dick that I thought was your elbow! That random hi you get from a stranger in your DMS turns to him wanting your number. And when you tell him no, your the bad guy? Here’s a tip  for those guys: fuck off, keep your dick in your pants, and stopppp! No girl has asked for anything, no girl or anyone post or is talking to you for you the creepy guy who thinks its okay to be so DISGUSTING. That is sexual harassment, and in 2017 you really should stop.

Girls, its not our fault.

You posted that selfing because you posted it after you felt good about yourself and their comments belittle you down like your nothing. HOW DARE THEY! Pull a 180 after talking about joining you for a walk with their dog sending half-naked pictures of himself in the mirror like damn he had abs but like really we were having a nice conversation then you send me that video? But I saw it, and I couldn’t believe you SENT THE EXACT SAME one like was it saved or something??? There is so much a girl can fake with guys but when it comes to those messages, pictures, words, and actions. You can’t fake or go along with any longer.

A guy sending his dick isn’t flattery it’s degrading. Sending her messages out of the blue, telling her how she looks makes your horny, is horror. It sure isn’t sweet or romantic.  Thinking the way to a girls heart or to her bedroom is to talk down to her, make her feel worthless or feel worth it but then make her feel like scum. That is not okay, and we girls deserve better than this. We are more than a body to fuck and we are more than just something to look at; we are more than those pointless snaps of your dick!

Girls, don’t be afraid to speak your mind, to tell the guy who said you look fuckable to fuck off, don’t take those DMs or those catcalls as a compliment. Because it is harassment. I have this t-shirt that says “not yours”  and I wear it with pride because I’m sure in hell, not yours to honk at.

When you’re dating a guy what do you do when he does become a dick of a creep sending you pictures, and talking “dirty” but it isn’t dirty it’s degrading.

I think with online dating, social media, a guy asking you for your snap, ability to send pictures, DMS– that we don’t have to be smart about it we ALREADY ARE smart about it. That if they’re not going to teach boys we will!! To tell the guy you know what I didn’t ask for that dick pick and I showed all my friends & we had a great laugh. Hit the block button, say goodbye, and know if your dating a guy and all he’s doing is sending you dick picks and changing the subject into something sexual the guy’s a pig.

Not all guys are like this, people have their thoughts on “all” but I know decent guys, I was raised by one, the issue is that this has happened too many times, and it’s a big issue and it HAS BEEN. It just happens #metoo, the stories in the news, and more women calling out guys that FINALLY action might be taken place. Women/girls just want to feel free to be themselves and they really can’t when they share a picture and a guy comments saying “you have really blue eyes *wink(” And all I can say is “thanks I got them from my dad”.

There are so many stories out there, that are bigger than those message girls get, and for any girl (&boy) who has been taking advantage of, sexually harassed, sexually assaulted it is not your fault, it’s not my fault either. For the ones who shared their story, you bring change and voices to so many people. I hope one day we can live without this shame and blame of the victim and stop asking “what she was wearing.”

P.S for the guys (lads) we need you to teach, stand up, and go agents. Ask yourself where are you and where will you be on this issues?

I couldn’t hold onto this post any longer and I really do hope I did this post justice.


On my mind: No need to explain yourself

Let me explain how I’m not going to explain myself anymore & a question I’ve been asking myself with Instagram. 


I have always been an open book and an explainer, every since I was little. I would tell people everything, I’d announce not that I have to go to the bathroom but that I have to pee. I would explain a lot of things to people, mostly out of fear of assumptions and being misunderstood. But, over the last few months now I found myself stopping. Why should we have to explain ourselves really?

I  use to write status all the time about what was happen, in “on this day” I wrote “out and about” A LOT. I explained so much in status, which then went to twitter, then when blogging went to explaining whats been happening–like you actually care, like what I am saying is sooo important it’ll change your life. It won’t I’m not an idiot. But why do I do it? Maybe in hopes someone would care or out of fear no one would actually care. Here’s the thing people who do care know and the people who don’t don’t matter. Half the time people only care what your doing if your doing it wrong. 

So I am going to stop explaining myself. Because half the time its not needed and other time you are just trying to defend yourself to someone who has already made up their mind. I like to say make your assumptions you’ll be the ass. A challenge I like you to take is to stop yourself from explaining, stop yourself for telling, stop yourself for writing that twitter or status. See what happens.

I’ve been questioning blogging  especially blogging with instagram

dont need to explain yourself writing thoughts.jpg

This whole month of October started out with being burnt out having to work two jobs, feeling so out of the loop and not feeling like I was doing GREAT with blogging. In my update after a year being back I said how I want to write. But after seeing my Stats and traffic with my blog–I wonder if blogging is worth it.

I really enjoy the little place I made on Instagram through blogging that I would have never done if I didn’t, I met some really cool people through it too.  However, there’s been this down slide of things where there is no engagement, traffic coming from to my blog I aim to get never happens. For none bloggers — its like that you shared this amazing thing on S.M and when you go back no one or your mom has liked it. It’s like that.  This is why I try to engage with other bloggers because I know thats what they want and know the feeling when it doesn’t happen.

Writing comes easy to me, I have endless ideas, my draft box is full-but to make sure they’re GREAT the time I put in them to make sure there is no mistakes is A LOT. I stress over content, figuring out how to promo it, I check my status, I see if anyone has commented/liked, etc.  For what, to realize no one is reading it, it hurts.

It is harder to get people to read your stuff, I get it–I find it hard to sit down and read to I’ve always had and when its online well you get into your circle of scrolling. I’m not here for the attention or the likes–I never been that person and to be honest I really never expected this many people to follow my blog SO I AM GRATEFUL sometimes a little overwhelmed.

Blogging isn’t my job but its more than a hobby.  I’m putting so much stress into blogging while working two jobs, & all that work into three different directions is HARD. That I wonder if I’m not getting the traffic and the connections I made are getting strain just like my friendships. It sucks to be 5,000 miles away. My BFF told me it would be a shame for me to get ride of my insta after all that progress, able to see my life journey over the past few years.

It’s selfish for me to stay here, but the point is I love it, I enjoy it–I enjoy it more then my actual personal accounts. Another con to keep instagram blog is fact that there is a game I’m not willing to play but I adresses that here.


What they don’t tell you about living abroad (studying abroad)


Being able to have the opportunity to live or study abroad is a wonderful that a lot of people should take advantage of but there is a lot that can make living abroad hard and I’m going to tell you. If you are new here, I’ve lived in Ireland for two years on my own working and going to school, I study abroad for a semester and a lot of people ask me question about these things.

They only tell you the good things but the bad is good too. Because like Winnie the Pooh says “how lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”. 

VISA: They didn’t tell you much about a VISA. I knew that I could get a VISA for my year off because I had someone before me do it. Little did I know when looking on au pair world that there were limitations of what country Americans could get working VISA, like UK doesn’t give working VISA for nannies. You need to do your research on VISAs. There are requirements for VISA’s. And this is a whole different topic, but the cost of a VISA. The reality of getting a visa is a lot of unknown questions and calling the local embassy to double check, but once you understand exactly every paper work, its pretty easy. Don’t miss your dates, don’t miss your appointments, make those phone calls. The responsibility of “doing it on your own” comes pretty quick with the visa. ALSO when your finally land and your going through customs HAVE it READY don’t be that person.

Cost: They told you the cost believe me they did, but the truth is that cost really isn’t a something that should “stop” you.  And well living/studying abroad is going to COST you; besides the flights and VISA, what about rent, paying it monthly. When living abroad traveling is so much easier and becomes this option that is right there, but its going to cost you.  But here’s the thing your going to spend money no matter what or where you go, things COST money. So if you are on a budge, budget, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. I still say the best experiences I have are taking the early busses because its cheaper and the birdness living.

Living: They didn’t tell you you get your own bed, and furniture! My first year there I didn’t have to worry. But when moving out and going on my own, I didn’t really know where to start. It all worked out. And it really helped that I was kind of force to do it or I’d be screwed. If you are studying abroad there is no worries you’ll have a place to stay you might of to buy some bedding and a better pillow. Living you want to make it your home for sure, make it your home. You’re living there!

Making Friends: They didn’t tell you about making life long friends. I’m someone who never had a problem meeting people, I’m just really friendly and out going. But think the one thing they don’t tell you about making friends is how hard it is to keep them, here you are a stranger to this place and everyone has there own idea. When I was working I was in a group of friends who went traveling but some odd reason around Thanksgiving they decided to go to a dinner without inviting me and then that was it, no more talking to me. Another hard thing is when you do make friends, they have there own life, they have there group of friends, memories, people they are going to talk about that you never met. The best advice I can give you is invite yourself, and make own memories with them.

Getting a job: They didn’t tell you what’s it like trying to get a job in a foreign country.  It is going to be very different to getting a job in your own country. You will need to make sure you have the right things, your going to be running around to different government buildings trying to figure it out then trying to apply. Best bet is to walk into some place and ask, sell yourself and work your way up.

“Not actually from here” conversations: How many times have I had this conversation? I’ve also had the “you were in Ireland” conversation way to many times too.  I’ve said this that I felt a lot of the time that I couldn’t get something or someone, or be able to do something, take the chance because I wasn’t from here. Like I couldn’t buy those shoes because would they fit in my suitcase in 9 months. IT WAS FRUSTRATING. And the reminder from people wasn’t helping. But what I did was ignored and proved other wise.

Coming back : They didn’t tell you that when you come back how not only do you want to go back but how suddenly it all is different now.  I think coming back is more of a shock then actually going to a new place because if you are open and ready to try new things then it wont be as a shock of how much it rains and that they call cookies biscuits. But coming back, its a place you should be use to but its throwing you off, you feel weird and everyone looks funny. The buildings are higher and you feel even smaller.

When you live abroad know the good and bad will come, you will feel everything but you will feel yourself growing. Don’t be afraid be shit scared with no fear in your eyes! I never will take those two years away, the stories, the people, the moments I have for a life time. And I hope I can pass on my wisdom of living, studying, and traveling abroad. Open your mind to different things and oppunities. Also hope that those stories will be in a book one day.



City Girl Style: Girl Power Tees are more than a trend

let’s talk about how those girls empower t-shirts that everyone is wearing but no one seems to be talking.

girl power tess are more than a trend city girl blog post

Don’t get me wrong here, I love the graphic empowering Tees I just have some concerns.


We live in a time where being women, a girl, a lady is important.  More women are fighting and speaking up, calling it out, and saying it straight up. Even younger girls are too. And our clothes are a way of expressing , most definitely.  I’m only wondering if this trend a good thing or a bad thing for women solidarity. What do you think?

In a podcast (it Galz) they pointed out that wearing a t-shirt that says “feminist” is more than a trendy thing to buy.  I can’t remember the exact words they said, I can’t even remember the episode all I remember is they had a point. That this girl power, solidarity, feminist, women empowerment is more than a trend or a fab.  Being a girl, standing in solidarity, equality, Girl boss or girl power is not a “trending” or hashtag thing. It’s an ACT.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear these T-shirts, I’m all for the activist T-shirts–did you see my FB post that it’s not Band Tee’s anymore. I wonder if its a trend vs. an act. That if your going to wear the Tees you should definitely believe and stand up for what those tees represent. Or are you wearing it for the trendy factor?

I worry that the purpose and goal for feminism will get lost. So many people are wearing them more then speaking up. A lot of people are speaking up, don’t get me wrong but A lot more could be.


It’s not even T-shirts, these slogans of “Girl club” “not yours” are on any item of clothing,accessory. Instagram feeds are growing to be more feminists girl power base. But when I asked a girl if she was all for girl power she said “sure, I think it’s really cute though.”

The positive sides to all this it’s turning attention on women issues and will gain more attention, bring a more positive to feminism.

So the question is why are you going to buy the T-shirt for it’s “cool” and “trending” Or are you wearing it to make a bold symbolical statement of what change we want to see in the world. & not only wear it but speak it, walk the walk?

So before you buy a feminist slogan T-shirt from Zara or H&M think about these places where the % goes to some great organisations that do things for women and then some.Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

  • Google Ghost Nasty shirt: % goes to Planned Parenthood
  • My they are fighting and educating on sex trafficking
  • Female Collective: it is a place that uplifts and supports women also works with artist, writers, etc.
  • Feminist Apparel: has some great stuff that they even partner with some organisation.
    *Having a t-shirt like this is a good conversation starter because if someone says I like your t-shirt we say “Penny’s girl” imagine what we say when we tell them we got it at one of these organisations?!?!

Slogan girl power T-shirt are a cool item to wear but  it is more than a trendy fashion piece.  Wear it and also join the movement, educate yourself about women issues, basically stand with woman not only wear it. A way is to get involved in any way possible. It’s more than a fashion statement its a movement to a whole new future for women.Processed with VSCO with 2 preset

I strongly see the future is FEMALE especially if we keep going in this direction!

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Styling: Top 5 Sweater weather outfits

This autumn/winter season and the one item you will be wearing is a sweater. So I went through my closet pulled a few sweaters and came up with 5 different outfits to wear this autumn/winter. 


I don’t really know how to start these post, I’m trying to get better at writing more styling/fashion post but I never really know how. I don’t want to say three lines then link you to some products–I’m not getting any money off it and if I say I got this at BLAH I’m sure you can easily find it.  Words are powerful thing and having a blog I feel it’s kind of like I am wonder women saving the world (it isn’t really I know). But like I said I want to put a different voice out there, I want to tell other girls & boys that its okay not to be like everyone else. And even thought time over and over again its said your clothes are a way of expressing yourself, fashion has always been this rebellious thing–people are still dressing the same; because of trends, not wanting to be an outcase and now with social media. I have nothing agents trend pieces, I bought myself fluffy sliders.  So how am I going to writing these post, i mean are you going to read it? People don’t seem to read things anymore, no time, too much effort, does it grab your attention, so many distraction–are you still with me because I have reached 250 words.

5 styling sweaters


Sweaters are pretty easy, like t-shirt and jeans, a little bit nicery though. The key to pulling off sweaters though, I think, is always accessories.




How you going to rock your sweater this autumn/winter?