On a Holiday Weekend

Summer Hairstyles For City Girls

Make her beautiful with a braid and a Dutch fishtail. The main difference between a Dutch braid and a French braid is that you cross the smaller strands of hair under instead of over. You’ll start incorporating hair from the other side of the portion about halfway down her head. If it’s hair beauty you’re after, this is a great option.

African Hairstyles

Black children’s curly hair is thick and tough to manage. When it comes to minimising the hassles of having your black hair braided or styled there are great ways to add some variety to your look. Chopped is the first thought that comes to mind. Basic cornrows for short hair, on the other hand, can be boring. Kids often seek to showcase their singularity by wearing adorable and flamboyant hairstyles.

Braiding is classic and an entertaining method to advertise African American hair, whether it’s natural or weaved. Little girls will adore braids just as their mothers do in the summer, so treat them to a classic yet attractive style that would make them be happy to wear on those summer occasions.

Glamour Girls

Your preferred hairdo can serve as a model for your kids summer hairstyles for city girls. For example, flat kinky twists can be turned into a bun on the side that looks great and as lovely on your child as much as it would on you. Why should you be the only one having fun with your hair? Check with the child, though, to determine if she’ll like the style first.

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