Wear a city sweater

5 Chic Ways To Adorn A City Sweater

Staying trendy in an urban sweater can be a drag for the average leggings and blouse señora. Not anymore, City Girl Blog has a few creative ideas that can help you switch up your dress style with little time-consuming or bank-breaking effort. These few ideas will make your sweater feel a lot less than a mere body insulator.

Turn Your Style Up With These City Sweater Pairing Ideas

1. Ripped jeans and sneakers: I know the sneakerheads will jump on this chance to show off those classics, but these actually make your sweaters look less bulbous. Ripped jeans are also still pretty stylish, so once paired up with your fave sneakers and sweater, you should be good to go. 2. Pencil skirts: Pencil skirts can give your sweater a sophisticated look, especially when matched with heels.

3. Hats: There’s a lot more to hats than a bad hair day outfit. On a city sweater, they look casually stylish. Try to put a bit of thought into matching or colour blocking the outfits. 4. Loafers: Loafers are a must-have, as well as being a very trendy item that can complement your city sweater, especially when worn with jeans. 5. Scarves: Besides saving you chilly and windy days, scarves can help accessorize your attire. They can give your sweater a gorgeous, posh look.

Are There Any Other Ways To Wear A City Sweater?

Our ideas are certainly inexhaustive. There are numerous other ways you can turn your cold wear into a classy, trendy, or glamorous look. Fashion and style differ, so it is always important to wear what helps define you. These city sweater combo ideas can help you make that decision. Try them out anytime you feel a bit of blandness in your look.

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