Why Fidget Spinners are not a toy: lets talk about accommodations for kids with learning disabilities.

I am who I am and you are you, we are different and that is okay. 

I have a learning disability and the best way I can explain it to people is that my mind works different than others and sometimes I need things to help me keep up. This post is a talk about all things I’ve used and the frustration that comes along with it. Read to find out more.


I was in my economics class having to wait for the test to be passed out before I could leave. Usually I would come in and the teacher would hand me the test and I would go down to the room, no hassle. This time I had to awkwardly wait and then get embarrassed when I got up to leave, after the teacher nodded at me. The guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder as I got my bag ready, “why do you get to leave?” I told him “I need a quiet place, I get easily distracted, also I get my test read to me.” His answer was “I get distracted, why can’t I leave?” I was 11th grade, 17 years old, and knew exactly why and how I got those things said, “I have an IEP and I got tested, did you?” and walked right out.

This moment has stayed with me and re-plays in my mind when I come across similar situations. Like, fidget spinners; they are a popular thing that everyone’s selling, marketing, and treating like a toy, when fidget spinners are to help kids, like myself, to focus. It gives kids something to play with. It upsets me; so naturally, I’m going to write about it. And instead of going on a RANT I’m going to inform you about what I used to accommodate myself to succeed in school and in life.

  • Fidget ball: I got a fidget ball to play with in 1st grade. I remember sitting in reading time, legs folded up, ball in the middle. Playing with and being told I wasn’t supposed to show anyone or it would be taken away. I made sure of it. This helped me “fidget” around, get my nervous energy, or my energy somewhere while I could listen to the teacher. Even when I wasn’t looking or doodling in my notebook I still was listening. Being able to have that ball helped me; it wasn’t a toy.
  • Taking tests in a different room: I already mentioned the story about how I was asked by a student why I got to take my test in a different room than him. And I will say I never used it to my advantage, I always played by the rules. And even when taking a test in a different room it didn’t guarantee I passed the exam. I would love to show you my English syntax test. Taking a test in a room by myself helps me focus because there are no distractions I am able to feel a little at ease and read the exam out loud and talk out loud to myself.
  • Books on tape and/or having the test read to me: There were a couple of times in middle school that I would have the test read to me. Plus, I would get books on tape, or I would have my computer talk to me; I still do. Because I can easily misread or write the wrong word. I’m sure you have noticed that I will use the word “there” when I meant to type “their.” I just can’t see it or hear the difference. And sometimes I could read a word but it would be spelled wrong. And I WON”T SEE IT!
  • Notetaker/recorder/copy of notes: In college the one thing that was offered to me was a note taker, someone who would take the notes for me and/or I would get a copy of their notes so I wouldn’t miss anything. In high school, the teacher would give me their PowerPoint before class, or give me their notes, which was really handy. This was more for me to catch if I wrote down the wrong word and also for my comprehension.
  • Extra time on a test: I got either 20-30 minutes extra for tests so I wouldn’t feel rushed and could take my time. I know others can easily get test anxiety so I never took this for granted. Sometimes just having the extra time made me take my time. I did the extra things I needed to do to pass the test, like reading it out loud. I always felt guilt if I ended the exam early because I had the extra time.
  • Spellcheckers: Spelling is not my best, and yes I see the irony. But because I have dealt with this my whole life I work hard on my spelling. Checking it over and over; thank God for spell check. Yet, it isn’t enough. I use programs like Grammery or I have a handheld device where I type a word and it finds similar words I might want to use. And I create a cheat sheet of common words I misspell and how they really are spelled.
  • Smartpen: I had a few smartpens to write my notes and record what the teacher said. It was handy because the words I wrote down in the moment can play what was said at the time so if I missed something it was recorded. Also could put it on my computer.

And a lot more little things as well…

If people, like the kid behind me in my economics class, thinks having these things is a privilege they are 100% wrong. I needed these things, they weren’t something I took for granted, I used them to help me succeed. And even when I got to take my test in a different room I still had to know the stuff. I still failed some tests. The frustration is real, the hurt is real, and the unfairness or backlash I get is so unbelievable.

Having a learning disability means I just work differently than you and while learning I needed a few things to help me in the education system. I’m glad I get to talk about having a learning disability on here, so please let me know if you have any comments.  I was inspired to write this because of the fab with fidget spinners.


What I’ve been loving and what I can live without

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I think about sharing my favourite beauty/products I use, even thought of doing a “morning routine” themed post  but I really don’t know what to say . So thought I just do that stuff on FB page or on insta, but I don’t know I don’t think I’m “interesting” enough for that. I just wear make-up, I buy what I buy and I’m like everyone else on the ABH pallets why do I need to share that? But to have some easy going post I thought I share what I’ve been loving in the beauty/bathroom stuff. Along with what I could live without.



Tresemme Beauty-full Volume: I got this a year ago and after a shower I put it in and it does wonders to my hair-it does Volumes it. I used it a lot before going out.

Verb sea spray: I liked this especially after my hairs been in a top knot or some braids and I need some texture to my hair. I will then wash my hair afterwards because my hair will get knotty.


Body Shop vitamin E range: I love this range I think it does wonders for my skin.

Urban Decay face mist: maybe this should go under make up, but this has really done wonders for my face and make up from getting onto my clothes.


Lo’real True Match Foundation: I got this foundation because Blake Lively was in the ad (I’m a sucker for blake lively) and I wanted to see if the foundation she used was mine-& it was! W3!! So I had to get it and I actually really like this foundation, I think it does what it says. But IDK if I’ll keep buying Lo’real stuff because what I’ve been reading, its all two different sides but its interesting I really don’t have a insight to this it’s just good to stay what kids call “woke”.  Teen Vogue Article here.

Tarte “Paaarty” blush: got this blush in my birthday gift from Sephora and actually been using it a lot. It’s less pinky then Nars one and more darker which does wonders for a tan.

Hoola Bronzer: is there anything better? I use this a lot more for contouring or what I like “shaping my round face”

Gimme Brow: this stuff is wonders for keep my brows in place but also for a quick “let me do my brows” moment especially when you don’t have tedious minutes.

Bum Bum Cream: I love the smell of it, I don’t know if it does what it say it does but that’s because I don’t use it every time I get out of the shower (i have the travel size) but I like.

Tyna Burr Martha moo: my friend went to England and was going to pick me up another one of these because I love it so much but she couldn’t find it. I think I love it for how it stays on for a liquid lipstick, I love the applicator. The colour is lovely and right up what I love for a lip. But this is the first liquid lipstick besides sleek that hasn’t disappointed me.

Can live without

“Better then sex”: it is good, but for a mascara that you can only have up till 3 months before its ‘bad’ and the price i think ill have to pass.

Nars foundation: its good but like its foundation and the price I couldn’t keep buying it

Naked skin hybrid complexion perfecto: I got this because a girl I worked with said its all she used. It smells funny and it doesn’t last long. I feel like things are still showing after applying.

NYX  HD studio finishing powder: the smell, it makes me sneeze and it drys not only the air I’m breathing but my face.

NYX Born to Glow: I read this was a dupe for these more expensive glow stuff. And I feel like it doesn’t do what it says, it doesn’t blend nicely.

NYX liquid lipstick:  OKAY I”M NOT HATING ON NYX AT ALL I just bought there stuff and when use it I just don’t think it works. And I was very disappointed in there liquid lipsticks. To be fair I haven’t found ANY good liquid lipstick here. They are all like this. When I do apply, it’s sometimes a mess and the colour doesn’t stay on. Like I actually have to reply it. For my Sleek and Tyra burr rally do I have to apply it usually after like a meal maybe but never throughout the day or after one drink of water. And that’s where I’m  disappointed.

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How to be a happy blogger

It has been a struggle with blogging especially with instagram, I am not the only blogger who is talking about this. We are all on the same page of how frustrating it is. Social media for blogging has become a place of marketing and expectations.It’s become not genuine. And it really gets frustrating and  you do began to question yourself.

I have felt this.  The content I have been taking this last month I’ve been deleting because I am not happy.  I’m really struggling with content and trying really hard to stay who I am and feel okay with it. Please note I don’t plan to change myself. But there are moments where I am like how can I still be me and still put out good, creative and eye catching content. How can I still be me but drive traffic to a city girl.

So. How do you stay a happy blogger when you are stressing to get the right filter on a photo or even the right photo to share.  There are thoughts that are blocking your creativity (what I do to stimulate my creative is shared at the end).

Getting ride of those negative thoughts! & those ideas! 

Don’t worry about not following the trends: as a blogger who doesn’t define herself as a fashion blogger, for good reason I spend most of my time in clothes from my floor and I don’t have the money to keep up with that.  It seems like you need to be talking, posting, have an opinion, buying what everyone else is. But that’s not true, you don’t have to follow the trends to be a blogger. Because  if you can’t be like them then be different and that will get you notice by the right people.

Definitely don’t worry about how many followers you lose or not getting: for me I look more of a safety reason of who’s following me. It shouldn’t matter how many followers you have, you may think it matters but it doesn’t. And in the world of # tags, and getting traffic to your blog and notice by people, don’t worry. The right #, or the right tag isn’t going to put you anywhere higher. The amount of shitty, un-quality pictures I see when click those # that shit seems to not matter. Use the basic # like #blogger, #fblogger, or your own. I think the best way to get followers is networking, and following other blogs and talking to them.

Who gives a shit about your ecstatic: In my moment of trying to figure out what I can do to bring more attention and traffic to my blog, what content should I use–they all tell about “themes” for post, filters, and not over posting. I’m here to tell you DOES NOT MATTER! I’ve done extent research and it honestly does not matter. Yes, its more appealing especially to marketing but to every day people nope. I agree with the whole don’t over post-& I like one blogger said how she started a blog because she needed a place for photos that didn’t make it on instagram. The stress of getting the right photo, the right filter, sharing at the right time. For me this is my main one I stress over that really has no need. So duck it in the bucket.

Don’t be afraid to put you’re voice out there: Do not be afraid to put your voice out there, “put your stamp on a topic”. I think the one thing you need to do when it comes to blogging is be yourself! if they don’t “like” it –that’s fine each to their own, if they “unfollow” you then you probably didn’t want them to follow you anyways. If they don’t read or click on your blog or read you caption well we have a whole different blog post for that.

Don’t try and play the blogger game: Okay this is going to sound so “high school”. But I’ve have had so many times that theses  “blogger game” happen. The only going to like a bunch of your photos every other week but don’t follow you or the girl who kept unfollowing me over and over again, even comment, but then unfollowed me a few hours later. Sadly blogging is going to have those “mean” people. The key & i did this in high school to: Don’t even bother. Think the best thing we can all do is don’t follow, don’t engage and you know what take the likes they give you but that’s their game they are playing-not yours.

Be yourself:  Your doing blogging for yourself and if you have other ideas of blogging and what blogging should be rather the “norm” or “whats trending” then go for it! Have no fear! 

Five things can do to break the slump!

Everything I look at for inspiration looks the same or what I see I can’t create–limitations of time, location, or not have the right tools (Indesign) or fact I don’t know how–there is no book on this stuff! I sometimes wish I could  clone me or a second friend I could work with so there would be a creative flow, but there’s just me. So here is 5 things I do to get myself creative:

  1. take a walk with your camera
  2. play dress up
  3. buy magazines look through them then make a collage out of them
  4.  scan pinterest. this one has become almost not helpful because everything looks the same. but if you have something in mind and need ideas search it. 
  5. Follow other girls for inspiration and even talk to them, bounce ideas off them

Hope this blog gave you some different mindset to instagram then what you’ve probably been seeing/reading. And that you will find your creative spark and own self again in content. I hope this post gives you inspiration and a different voice to “how to increase traffic on instagram” or  “how to build following on instagram” Because the truth is it’s all BULLSHIT. I say be you and the people who follow/like what you put out are the only people who really matter. And you want to follow you.


Here’s some creative thought to go along with this post. 

For the girl who need the reminder of the importance of confidence in herself.

You are feeling discourage in yourself and wanting it all to stop but you don’t know how. So you spend the day in bed questioning everything instead of taking action because every time you take action you are reminded by so much.  You look in the mirror and you see it all; you see your flaws, you see what they might see, you can’t unseen it. And it gets to you. You began to feel unhappy but you’re not sad, your something else. You do not feel that confidence you once felt.

Happiness doesn’t come for things you have. You can go on a shopping spree and it can make you happy but only for a second.  Happiness is how you feel about yourself & if you don’t feel that than what happens? You’re good, you’re breathing it’s just that life has become a little  frustration. Things are getting to you and you began to go down and you get discourage.

You are feeling that fear of failure in yourself and start to see it more and more, that your losing the important parts of life.

You’re going to get a little lost, your going to question not only things but yourself, you’re going to get a lot of no’s, your going to get those looks and you just want to get there. You wish people stop talking and telling you things and start handing you the directions you need. You need those words to tell you exactly what you need to hear. So here they are. If we stop questioning ourselves, letting these things frustrating us and making us feel discourage (easier said then done) that we will soon be feeling like ourselves again, we will laugh spontaneous, we will look in the mirror and there you will be. 

Not loving yourself won’t get you anywhere, it will be hard especially when you’re questioning yourself after a something that effects you so hard, you’re feeling out of place, your feeling the weight of the world, you see your future and your scared, you feel stuck.  And each time you come back to yourself and feeling like your not enough. You need to know you are worth it despite not meeting the demands of others, not having the enough experience. You’re will and confidence in yourself will shine through the heartbreak or hurt. And you will find yourself where you need to be.

Put that effort in yourself again. Where the discourage you felt will turn into confidence. You will feel worth of who you are when you look at yourself, when you walk in a room, you will know despite not looking or acting like everyone else you belong here. That person you’ve been missing will be in front of you again.

And you will soon find yourself without realising in the place you’ve been struggling to get to.




P.S I’m not going to tell you that it will all work out in the end, or when you get to the point you will have the closet full of shoes, maybe you will. Who knows!?

First day of school outfits

 September has always been “school starts month” so here is my post on first day of school outfits you can try.

Let’s be honest that first day of school outfit especially if you are in high school or secondary school (no uniform) is the only time you will put an effort into your outfit because the rest of the year you will be in yoga pants these days girls were lulu lemon leggings, and your school sweatshirt . In college, I did put more of an effort in what I wore through out the day. But even in college, the first outfit was always the major one. So here are some outfits with looks I put together along with suggestions on what you can do with what you have in your closet.

I am such a T-shirt and jeans girl. And sometimes with the nerves meet excitement the best outfit for first day of school is a keep it cute but casual outfit that is just a T-shirt and jeans. 

For this post I decided to do something differently not only with content (if you’ve been following me on Insta or Twitter you would know that I’ve been driving that struggle bus for content for awhile). Content has been the one thing I struggle with because of location, time, and also getting what I want, what I see out of my head can be hard. There limitations on not have the right technology too. Like I see other blogs, one in particular, that I just inspire by and I don’t want to copy her but I want to take what she does and do that but in my own style and way. That make sense? I’ve said it so many times with blogging, but I have this big desire to change everything but I don’t have the money or know what I want to do–a really silly example is filters I want to change up my filters I have been using. I want to take different photographs but the location is wrong, its not write, its nothing different. There is this quote I saw which said if you can’t be better be different. So I’m trying. And doing this kind of content is the start.

If you want to bring a look,have a style or be known as the girl who wears that here are some more categorise looks. I put my own spin on them. And you can too! The key is to find bottoms, find a top that really fits that look you want and build it from there. You don’t need to buy yourself a “fashionable” item or a key piece. It doesn’t even have to meet the trends.  The key to a first day outfit is creating yourself as the trend to meet, be your own person.


And there are some ideas for your first day of school OTTD. If you are going to your first day of school either be high school, or college and are inspired or got ideas from this post please tag or #acitygirlstorySTYLE I’d love to see them!


A list of empowering woman

Late but Saturday was women’s equality day, and this was a blog post to go along with it. 

09ea8fafbae9fa6f24e13f4dacdc43c8.jpgI’ve always loved history I liked learning about it in school, I liked going places and learning about their history and cultures. I thought it was interesting to learn about how things come together, what happens and the impact about it. I think history is important to know because then you can learn from it and understand.  And on August 24th we celebrated the 19th Amendment to the United States’ Constitution; which grants women the right to vote and the movement of women’s suffrage. This was an important landmark in women’s movement and history. The day was created to bringing awareness about the importance of gender equality in society.  Source Click HereHere.  I think it’s important to celebrate this day to remember what was, what could have been and what is now & what more needs and will be done.   I create a list of women of history, writers, fictional, actresses, bloggers, and personal that have empowered me someway or another.

Rosa Parks: the women who refused to move. When learning about history her story always struck a toil with me because she did something so normal to me but was such a big risk for her, at that time and changed history for ever. Her bravery was something I admire.572cb90c90939833a217d58317f0fa3d.jpg

Anne Frank: I am a big Anne Frank fan. I remember reading her diary in 6th grade for my reading class and just moved by it, I was reading such powerful words and story from such at the time I thought was fiction but as we read on and learned more was real. That moment my mind open and my heart broke. She was such a young girl who saw the world from a sky window, she had hope when there seemed to be nothing left.

Marilyn Monroe: A Hollywood icon. Her beauty was eyed by so many people but she wasn’t a size two, she embraced her sexuality and lust with no shame. I have always found myself relating to a lot of her quotes when growing up.314286dcd4e9e98f88d3c7766ab90d7e

Viola Davis: The characters she plays to her speech my whole body just gets chills by this woman. She’s out spoken with no fear. I love the characters she puts on screen for us. I love how she is aware of the world around us. There is something about Viola Davis that when she is on screen or taking the stage I am in ah.

Princess Leia: I remember watching Star Wars when I was younger and loved it, probably not as much as other people. But having Princess Leia on the screen really had to affect on me, that I didn’t realize until later when I got older and started realizing the hardship and degrading stuff women have to go through.  When she blasts the wall to go into the garbage while the men stood behind that was GREAT.

Wonder Women: After seeing the movie she is another character I am glad is on our screen.  Not only her care for others and wellness. But also the fact she is a woman, she’s in a “sexy” outfit but she is kicking ass.

Celia Rae Foote (the help): She is a character in the Help that when I watch this movie she is the one person I just love and adore. She’s an outcast who sure has a pretty face, but it isn’t the pretty face that gets her in trouble its the no fucks and her openness to the world and people around her. And she still strives on!

Mumu: Grandma for Finnish. Growing up and heading to Mumu’s farm I’ve gotten to hear and see what a strong independent woman was. The stories I heard, the stories she told me, the things she did; what she let me do she put sisu in me. Everything about my Mumu I want to keep close but just know she was the start of what feminist and independent looked like for me.

Mom: I never felt growing up I was different or unequal until I left the house until I entered the world. Having my mom around, talking to us, letting us play with Barbie and race cars. Allowing me to get dirty, allowing me to cry. And see herself, beat the norm, beat the ideas; not a stay home mom, she was a working mother and that was normal to me. And it still is. She didn’t put the ideas of society or world around us or on us, she built us up to break them like she does.

30bf73d4d5b6ee54fcf98ca502c0cee1What women has empowered or influenced you? What women do you admire? What women do you look up to? Character or real, let me know 🙂  There are a lot of women out there that I find daily!



A City Girl at the state fair & what we did and ate.

Not eating meat makes going to the state fair challenging.  If you want to read my post of what I was looking forward to doing at the state fair you can access it here.  


Going to the state fair has always been a tradition. It’s HUGE  so it’s appropriately called “The great Minnesota get together”! But, after asking a few people they say they never go. Maybe it’s just the people living in the city who just know it’s crazy and expensive, or they never established the tradition of going to the fair. Each to their own, I say. But a lot of people from all around Minnesota drive to the State Fair Grounds each year.  I talk more on that here, this post is all about what we did, what we ate, how much was spent, hours in line, and what it was like for someone who gets overwhelmed in large crowds and could probably have had a culture shock. Here is a Pinterest/printable check list for you! 

The Ground we covered:

Depending on what gate you come in you’ll end up in a section of the fair. This time we got to go through the main gates, the more iconic entrance. The fair grounds cover a pretty big area and we covered EVERYTHING. There is definitely a lot of things to do, from rides, to shows, to free music, to big-name performers at the Grand Stand. There are booths with things you can buy, from random stuffed animals, cow boy boots, to hot tubs. We were there in the evening and tried to see all of it, but we didn’t get to see as much as we usually do since the dairy barn closed at 10 pm. But we went to the animals of course to see the largest boar and the baby pigs. We caught a horse show, too. And of course we went to the birthing barn, headed to the education building to get our free pens and walked around the Eco Building. Something new we did was watch a glass blowing demonstration near the Blue Barn.

What we ate:

There are the specifics you always eat when going to the state fair. And eating food is the most important part of the fair, there are new add-ons each year. They even give you a list of new food, food locations, a discount book, and a list of the food on a stick because that’s what it’s all about. Deep fried, of course. I always get my little stuff but try to have a “meal,” something larger than something on a stick. But, since I am not eating meat (I’m still eating fish and cheese) it seemed much harder. I did get walleye on a stick, $5 bucks at a stand in the food building. We then went for the usual Milk Shake at the dairy barn near the farm animals, the only place to get your milk shake! Of course, we get mini doughnuts, especially if you going in the morning. Don’t miss a pickle on a stick from the Fried Pickle stand (it use to be in the food building) now moved down near the French Fries stand (those are a must too). We went to the blue barn because we heard the food is more meal like however there are not many options for none meat eaters so I just picked at my mom’s beans and rice as she ate the pork. This year we did go for the Sweet Maratha Cookies, it’s all the rage at the state fair, buckets full of cookies that a lot of people take home and eat for days. However, as I ate the cookie it wasn’t as good as I remembered, or what I thought would be so good considering the length of the line since EVERYONE gets them.

How much will you spend…

You will be spending money when going to the state fair, especially if you do all the extra things like the rides, the games, buying the carnival stuff, or things from the little shops; plus all of the FOOD. But I brought about 40 and I had 20 left so that was pretty good. There is a lot of free things you can get at the fair, trust me. For me it always was about the free stuff you can get!


When asking people if they were going, if they said no a lot of time it was because of the crowds of people. There are some interesting people you will notice at the state fair, and there are TONS of times where you’re basically inching along when walking. I even ran into a guy because we both were looking a different direction. There are plenty of strollers you’ll likely get hit by, too. But, for me, even though I get easily overwhelmed when there are lots of people around I still like to go. I don’t know why but the state fair is one place where it doesn’t happen, maybe it’s because I’m so focused on where I want to be or staring at the ground so I don’t step in cow shit. I remember when I was younger I always was telling a story in my head when we walked around the fair grounds. So, for those of you who don’t like crowds, take a chance and wander over to the fair. Look around and let your imagination run wild.

Pinterest/printable check list for you BELOW!



Usually we go near the end of the state fair (it goes on for two weeks) and this year I’m going twice! Usually once is all we do, some people do go almost ever day! Like I said, MN State Fair is something you should see and experience.

Vlog of the State Fair: