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How To Change Daily Habits In The City

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you’re living in the city, you can’t go clubbing every night and expect to pay your bills on time, or even make it to the office with a clear head. You have to learn how to say ‘no’. Whether it is overspending or hanging out with the wrong company, most city dwellers have at least one habit they’d like to change. Here’s how you do it.

How to change daily habits involves knowing good habits from bad ones

Identify The Habit

The first step in how to change daily habits is identifying what you want to change. That means being brutally honest with yourself. Take some time and identify your weaknesses, what these weaknesses make you do, and the consequences. Put it all on paper. This list will help you keep track of habits that need changing in order to improve your life in the city. Take note though, this is probably the hardest part. Most of us fear negative evaluation, especially when it comes from within us.

How to change daily habits should become a part of everyday life

It would be awesome to live in the city and avoid all the pitfalls that come with a city lifestyle. You won’t be making huge changes overnight though. If you’re an avaricious shopper, for instance, and you want to change that habit, you need to accept that you can’t do it in a day. Once acquired, a habit becomes a routine our physiology gets used to. To change it will take time and dedication. So if you’re wondering how to change daily habits, then start small. Whatever your habit, doing less of it each day and keeping your eye on the goal will earn you success.

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  1. Every day I go out and get myself a cup of coffee, now I realise how this daily habit is actually costing me tons of money! Maybe it’s time I change my daily habits too. Thanks for sharing Charlotte!

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